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April 15

Official lyric video for "No Work Tomorrow" by STAN'S PLAN

Featured Local Artist:

Sudbury Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

With an impressive debut record just released, Sudbury's The Wring is set to do some damage to the local music scene.  With a heavy prog rock tone and snarling vocals, they are a 4 piece that create a massive sound with solid mid tempo grooves and complex musical passages full of interesting lyrical imagery.  Their self-titled LP is available on iTunes and CD Baby right now.  A must listen for fans of Tool and Opeth.  The Asylum is very proud to present The Wring's first live show on Friday March24th and be sure to read our full review of the record here.

Featured Out Of Town Artist:

Ottawa Pop Punk/Emo

This Friday is coming soon so don't miss out on all the action. Music kicks off at 8PM followed by 5 sweet bands to catch live. Invite your friends and let's show Bearings what Sudbury is all about, they're excited to see us! 


The Asylum's Next Show:

Friday March 24

Friday, March 24th, 2017
We have 2 awesome shows happening at The Asylum on Friday March 24th,. The first is an all ages pop punk evening show, and the other is a heavier rock/metal night show.

All Ages Evening Show Featuring:

Bearings (Ottawa Pop Punk)

Tyler Beaulne (Sudbury Acoustic Emo)

Burn the Flames (Sudbury Pop Punk)
Doors at 8PM - All Ages/Licensed
Live at The Asylum - 19 Regent Street - Sudbury, Ontario
$8 cover for all ages show
$13 for night pass (19+) (Gets you in to both events, including after party with Crone of War/The Wring. Must be 19+ for day pass)


Facebook Event Page (All Ages Show)



Ottawa Pop Punk/Emo

Bearings was formed in 2014 by a group of college friends in a music industry program. They wanted to put what they'd learned to use while finding a creative outlet for the many stories they had to tell. Now, with their first two releases "Higher Ground" and "Home Is..." under their belt, the group are ready to come out swinging.

Acoustic Folk

Acoustic Folk/Blues singer/songwriter from Sudbury, Ontario

Sudbury Pop Punk

Pop-punk in the vein of the Story So Far, the Wonder Years, Waterparks, Man Overboard, New Found Glory, and so on. Wanting to spread pop-punk in Canada.

Wednesday March 29

"Sudbury Gets Hypnotized"
The Return of Fernandez, America's Premiere Hypno-Comedy Show

Ok, we'll admit. We were a bit skeptical at first, but after witnessing Fernandez hypnotize some audience members, our own bartender and our good friend Joel Mackey from the Sudbury Youth Rocks Program, we HAD to bring Fernandez back for another show! This is some seriously funny stuff folks, and the best thing about it is...

"YOU and your friends can be the Stars of the show!"

Want to see your best friend get up on stage in front of total strangers and act like a flamingo while barking like a cat that just inhaled a helium balloon? Or perhaps...

Friday March 24

Friday March 24th - 10PM - 19+ Event


Northern Metal Meets Hard Rock at The Asylum as Crone of War and The Wring tear things up for Sudbury! This is the after party for the earlier all ages event and starts at 10:30, with doors at 10.
Live at The Asylum - 19 Regent Street - Sudbury, Ontario...

World Renowned Hypnotist

For years Fernandez has dazzled audiences the world over with his spectacular brand of hypnosis. No other performer has captured the intrigue and electricity of this discipline, and it’s doubtful that anyone ever will.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Fernandez learned his skills from his father, himself a recognized professional stage hypnotist. Fernandez’s first stage appearance was as his fathers assistant at the age of 4. It wasn’t until his teens that Fernandez devoted himself to these mysterious realms.

Sudbury Metal

Joe and Craig were introduced by a fellow friend and guitar player named Gary Desormeaux, who also co-wrote 4 of the 10 tracks on "Beneath Grey Skies". At this point the band went through 2 name changes, Having an opportunity to open for Anvil, they quickly named themselves Death Ryder. After some thought, they later became Kronawar. Three of these songs are massively reworked versions of Gary's and Craig's former band "Misfire" from the 2006-2008 era.

Sudbury Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

The Wring is a 4-piece band from Northern Ontario, Canada. Not so far north that dogsleds or polar bears are ubiquitous, but far enough north that shovelling snow is a more frequent event than pretty much anything else. Or so it seems.

Sudbury Electro/Industrial

d3fuNcTi0n is Kipp Grose

d3fuNcTi0n is the noise I create when I get mad and sad. A personal project of musical exploration.

Friday March 31

The Asylum Presents
Friday March 31st 2017 - 8PM

We decided to take some action and help those less fortunate in the community, so we are hosting a local "Foodraiser" event to help with 2 great causes and organizations in Sudbury, the Sudbury Food Bank and the YWCA Genevra House..

We're bringing 3 bands up from down south and featuring a local heavy hitter to bring you a night of high energy live music, and if you contribute to the foodraiser you get to see them all for just $5! There will also be raffles held with some awesome prizes from supportive local businesses, worth over $1000! Proceeds of the raffle are being donated to the YWCA Genevra House in Sudbury, which helps women that are needing assistance in our...

Thursday March 30

DJ d3fuNcTi0n and DJ Fury Presents....

Club Vanquish at The Asylum featuring Industrial night

Join us for a night of dark beats and sweet freaks! Goth, Steam Punk, Industrial, Punk, and Metal freaks unite for a night of great music and dark themes! 

No cover charge and drink specials exclusive to Industrial nights, come on down as DJ d3fuNcTi0n and DJ Fury play your favourite music!

The last Thursday of every month, only at The Asylum!

Orillia Groove Metal

Fast, melodic, brutal, and powerful. Three piece heavy metal from Orillia Ontario, Canada. Formed July 1st 2007.

Released debut EP "Aerial Endings" June 25th 2009.
Released full length album "Police State" May 1st 2012.

Music available on iTunes and other online music retailers.

Max Kane - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion.

Shawn "Cheddarr" Arends - Bass Guitar, Vocals.

Sudbury Deathcore

Behind These Eyes is a deathcore/death metal/beatdown band from Sudbury Ontario. We are currently in the middle of recording our first full length.

Toronto Rock/Metal

With a name as unique and identifiable as their sound, Toronto, ON’s LAUGH AT THE FAKES is a band that challenges the trends of today’s rock and metal scene. Since the bands inception in 2010, LATF has combined elements of metal, hard rock, and prog to create an unmistakable sound.

Toronto Hardcore Punk

DRAGGED IN is a 5 piece hardcore band from Toronto, ON. The group is comprised of former and current members of Toronto punk and hardcore heartthrobs such as Brutal Youth, End Program, and Deadmouth. The fusion of styles and experiences has forged a distinguishing blend of hardcore punk, stoner metal, and thrash riffs with snarly and biting vocals. The lyrics focus primarily on the struggles to find sense and purpose within the light and dark sides of everyday life.

Saturday April 1

HARBOUR (Brantford)

Bullion Records (Flogging Molly, Anti-Flag, Goldfinger)
Harbour have been stirring up the scene with their catchy melodic songs reminiscent of the golden days of pop-punk.The band built up a local fan base by performing with various bands and booking events. They have worked with bands like Four Year Strong, State Chmaps and Hit The Lights. Unlike some pop-punk artists, Harbour has many influences such as modern hardcore and a skate/punk style, with energy-filled songs...

NY Electro Horror Metal

Victory Records
"Pretty, ugly, gross, bloody, pissed, catchy, heavy." These are the words spewed from KISSING CANDICE frontman Joey Simpson when describing the bands album, Blind Until We Burn, in stores now on Victory Records.

Detroit Horrorcore Rap

Psychopathic Records
Direct off the blood soaked, bullet riddled streets of Detroit murderous comes Big Hoodoo, one the most controversial and uncompromising rap artists to ever emerge from the Motor City. Big Hoodoo is another stage name for Detroit rapper Doe Dubbla, also known as the Jinx.

Sudbury One Man Funk

Dr. Bong: One-man-band-psycho-funk EXTRAVAGANZA!

Monday April 3

Archaic North Entertainment Presents
Monday April 3rd 2017
Live in Sudbury at The Asylum
On route to "The Gathering of the Juggalos" Festival!

KISSING CANDICE (Victory Records/Long Island NY)

Brantford Pop Punk

Bullion Records (Flogging Molly, MPX, Anti-Flag)

Sudbury Pop Punk/Rock

The Twentiest is a high energy alternative/pop punk band from Sudbury Ontario. The bands debut album, "Particle Collisions" was released on March 2nd 2016.
Michael Teixeira
Jaye Kosmerly
Pierre Menard
Pat Lepage
Official Website:

Sudbury Alternative/Hardcore

Wilt/ed is an alternative hardcore/punk band from Sudbury featuring members of The Prosthetic Hearts. The band has a unique sound, not quite crossing into any one particular genre yet still being true to a heavier sound that could be classified as anything from rock to metal. Wilt/ed are just getting started and they are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Against Me, Cancer Bats, Alkaline Trio, Alice in Chains, Misfits

Saturday April 15


Saturday April 15th 2017 - 7PM -

Canada Rocks 150 is a unique opportunity for participants to partake in a massive live rock band performance collectively with hundreds of passionate and talented musicians as we celebrate our great country’s 150th Birthday. As part of it's mission, Canada Rocks 150 aims to set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Performing Rock Band in history!

Set to take place this summer in Toronto, Canada, participants will rock out together performing a set-list of four iconic Canadian rock songs. This mass performance will be recorded with state-of-the-art audio equipment, cameras and drones. The recorded performance, both audio and video, will be edited in post-production and a highlight video will be released via social media on July 1st, 2017 - Canada Day, to mark Canada’s 150th Birthday.

The Asylum and the Sudbury Youth Rocks Program are...

Wednesday April 5

The "Lift Me Up" Live in Sudbury
Wednesday April 5th 2017


Sudbury Youth Music Program


The Sudbury Youth Rocks Program is run by a group of volunteers dedicated to assisting young people by using their experience as musicians to teach not only music, but life skills, self-esteem, positive peer pressure and community service. What makes the SYRP different from other music programs is that there is no charge to the participants. Each youth gets to try out a variety of instruments until they find one they are comfortable with. The youth can play 4


Alice In Chains Tribute

JÅR ØF DÏRT ~*~ TRÏBÛTË TØ ~*~ ÅŁÏÇË ÏÑ ČHÅÎÑŚ ~ Jar of Dirt is a tribute band to Alice in Chains. Our name compliments the following albums: ~ “Dirt” Released & Reception, September 29th,1992 ~ ~ “Jar of Flies” Released & Reception, January 25th, 1994 ~ Daniel Beaupre & Bryon Harrison, started this duo in their garage, later picking up a bass guitarist ~ Curtis Hannon” & drummer ~ Philip Poulin. This band has been going strong for 2 years, & shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. All band members agree, when stating “We love doing, what we do best, PLAYING MUSIC...

Sudbury Pop Punk

Tasty Records
Established in 2016, Stan's Plan was built with family and friendships, the kind of love and chemistry you couldn't buy. Stan's Plan are a bunch of ridiculous dudes that are ready to spread happy pop music that makes everybody feel great about themselves! Some influential bands include Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Matchbook Romance, Three Days Grace, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moneen, Say Anything, 1997, and Motion City Soundtrack....

Juice Box Metal

Desolate State is all about shredtastic guitar solos, powerful vocals, and an overall sound huge enough to take down an enraged green monster, even if he’s juiced.

Toronto Alt/Hard Rock

Return For Refund is a rock band who create a gritty, precise, and high-energy sound filled with infectious riffs and hard hitting rhythms. By combining the sensibilities of the blues, the energy of metal, and the expressive influences of grunge-era alternative rock, the band has found something unique and unapologetically new. The music that results is what the band feels is sonically absent from their lives. It’s the music they want to hear.

Sudbury Rock/Country

The Radissons Band is a country/rock band from Sudbury, Ontario formed in 2016. The band is highly influenced by blues and classic rock artists, country and classical as well as the history of Canada. They play music both in English and in French and do a wide array of original and cover materials during their shows. The band was started by local musician Pat Yasko and his father, Gregory Yasko, and features drummer Andrew Gagnon from local bands like The Therapists, Blueshift and Sex & Summer.

Album Review: The Wring

Coming out of nowhere with a completely experienced, well produced and polished debut record full of complex compositions and dynamics for vocals, guitar, bass and drums is Sudbury's newest best kept secret:  The Wring.

To describe The Wring as merely a Hard Rock band is an extremely misleading label. There is a lot going on musically on this album and it can be quite condensed in parts as all the instruments fire on all cylinders.  Often taking off in all different directions at once, you can single out the guitars, drums and bass consistently.  The bass is often off doing it's own thing, playing private melodies under the vocals and during quieter moments while the guitars and drums play their matching riffs and fills.  In fact one of my favorite things about giving this album a spin is listening to Jason Henrie's bass guitar, it is always clear in the mix, often distorted and plays some of the best riffs on the record.

So the sound - everyone wants points of reference so I'll get right to it.  When I hear this album, I hear notes of Opeth and Tool.  There are analogue synths.  There's old Rush. There are some moments that transport you back to the 70's great progressive albums.  Guitarist Don Dewulf definitely gives an amazing performance throughout the entire album.  The guitars are heavy and everywhere, permeating the mix, crisp and crunchy, chugging along and riffing hard in a lot of the songs or chord filled and shimmery when the moment requires it, holding down a great background to the vocals.  Rob Straughan's drumming holds it all together, strong and loud but never overbearing, mixed well, with progressive time signatures, groovy hi-hat work and great thoughtful fills peppered everywhere within the songs structures.  Some of the fill/riff combos are quite awesome.   The solo work all over the album is amazing as well and not just guitars, the bass and drums all have their moments in the spotlight.  The opening guitar solo section in the 2nd track Sticks & Stones has a striking resemblance to Santana and then crescendos into a sweeping arpeggiated swirl before disappearing into a mist of 70's keyboards and music that sounds...Read more

Interview: Lutharö

Lutharö: Steel City Metal for Nickel City Devils

Interview with Krista Shipperbottom, vocalist for Lutharö

by Mark Howitt

Canada seems to be getting deserved recognition for the notable amount of female fronted metal, hardcore and punk bands that have brought the spotlight here.  Bands like Kittie, Fuck The Facts, The Agonist, Grindmother, Unleash The Archers, Pantychrist, Unleash The Archers, and Ischemic are just some if the already well established or emerging bands that are powered by female aggression! There truly is some quality acts spanning several genres and making an impact, and seeminly, Canada overtime has established itself as the most recognized country in the world for producing top notch female fronted bands. Whether this has been proven or not is beyond me but I can think of no other country with as many quality bands as our own has to offer.

One of the bands that is starting to make an impact and rise from the Canadian underground, continually growing a steady fanbase with every show they play is Hamilton's Lutharö. Ontario's breeding ground of metal bands has finally been getting more notice and recognition over the last couple of years, and it is because of bands like Lutharö, who remain active and continue to sharpen their axes.

We had some time to ask vocalist Krista Shipperbottom some questions about some of her infuences, and what it's like to be a part of Canada's emerging...Read more

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