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Open Mic Comedy Night At The Asylum - February 28th 2017

OPEN-MIC NIGHT AT THE ASYLUM - Tuesday February 28th 2017

Join us for another Open-Mic night at The Asylum, where local comedians take to the stage to show us their new stuff and those who want to give stand up comedy a try can practice their skills.

The last Open-Mic night saw several new faces take the stage and this installment will also feature new comedians from the area. Comedy nights have been picking up at the Asylum so come on down and see what the hype is all about. If you don't laugh your ass of, then at least you can say you have no soul or sense of humour and can still have a drink from the bar. See you there folks!


$3.00 Shots - $3.50 Mixed Drinks - $6.50 Doubles

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Sudbury Comedian

Rylan Stolar has hosted many comedy events and continues to be a contributing part to the growing Sudbury comedy community.

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