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Ruptured Birth CD Release Show with Shit Liver, Dirt, Malaria - November 19th 2016


Date: November 19th, 2016
Location: The Asylum, 19 Regent Street
Doors: 8pm
Admission: $10

As the title says; we are doing a Fundraiser! So we will have some special goodies for you all, including a "raffle" in which the bands playing have graciously donated some merch for. We will also be putting shirts up for pre order for those who want to get one early instead of waiting for another show to get one. Come to our booth to sign up!

Studio 613 Electric Tattoo Co. (200$ gift card)

Rob Sacchetto (3 Colouring books, 2 Zombie Daily, Cape Fear Comic) ALL ORIGINAL ART!

Tucos Taco Lounge (50$ Gift Card)

Wild Willies Vapors, Electronic Cigarettes (Vape Starter kit VALUE approx 150$)

Momma Crone Photography & Design (Poster, Advertising assistance and Photography)

(CDN Records, Sudbury Brutal Death/Grind)

SHITLIVER 10:45-11-15
(St Catherines,Grind/Crust)

DIRT 10-10:30
(Windsor, Blackened Hardcore)

MALARIA 9:30-9:45
(Sudbury, old school Grindcore)


Malaria 9:30 - 9:45
DIRT 10 - 10:30
Shitliver 10:45 - 11:15
Ruptured Birth 1130 - END

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Sudbury Death Metal

Formed in 2014, Ruptured Birth is a science fiction influenced brutal death metal with hints of grind,slam,black metal and doom from Sudbury, Ontario.
Band Members
James Bok - Vocals

Shane (Shanesaw) Scovron - Guitar

Cody Bradshaw - Drums

Aaron Conte - Bass

St Catherines Crust/Grind

Many beers ago... in a bar not too far away, a band began their journey to release their agression and hatred created by their surrounding environment unto the ears of
an audience not unlike themselves, in the form of music. Fast, Loud, Brutal music. Playing several shows around their home town of Sault Ste. Marie and progressively honing their skills as musicians along the way they are now ready to reveal their music to a wider and unknowing audience. With music consisting of fast paced shredding guitar riffs, brutally intricate bass riffs, and plenty of deadly blast beats.
and lyrics consisting of drinking, the problems of society, religion, the environment, and the problem of man in general. All this through the eyes of three drunk assholes..We are Shit Liver

Windsor Blackened Hardcore

Dirt is a blackened progressive hardcore band with elements of crust and grind from Windsor, Ontario.

Band Members:

Vocals - Jesse Marchand
Guitar - Daniel Yee
Drums - Jesse Martinez
Bass - Joe Di Maio

Sudbury Grindcore

Malaria is a Sudbury based grindcore band formed in 2016 by members of other bands in the area including Behelit and The Prosthetic Hearts. The band is influenced by old school grindcore and also incorporates elements of powerviolence and hardcore punk.

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