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1971, The Radissons, Bill Filler And The Pretenders live at The Asylum - September 4th 2016

1971 (Winnipeg)
Formed in the secluded woods of North Western Ontario, 1971 are a heavy and melodic rock band ascribed to an essentialist meaning of punk. Their sound is dynamic as their lyrics and instrumentation range from slow/heavy beats to mid-tempo hooks and interchangeable melodies with an essential rock element. Many of their songs hang in the balance between country/folk song structure with a grunge and post-punk sound. Harbouring a noisy domineering lush soundscape like a well-kept garden, 1971 have been compared to great Canadian acts such as The Constantines, Attack in Black and The Plan, as well as American outfits Fugazi and Title Fight. They have been touring since their second release and continue to reach and venture through the highways. Their self-titled release received critical acclaim within Canada, America's Razorcake and Maximum Rock n Roll magazine and their music has reached the radio waves of Central and Southern America and Europe. The band released a new cassette in April 2016 on Blind Eye Records and Le Mort in Canada and are touring the east coast of Canada this August and September.

The Radissons Band (Sudbury Rock)
A new band has emerged on the Sudbury music scene, offering a wide arrange of musical influences within a dark and heavy rock structure. A no holds barred performance complete with searing guitar solos and some popular rock covers done with a Radisson twist. For those who missed a memorable performance when the Radisson's had their debut at the Asylum, now is your opportunity to witness a solid new rock band in the Sudbury community.

Bill Filler & The Pretenders (Sudbury Noise/Metal)
First show for this Sudbury garage rock/noise/metal band. Come on out and feel the barbaric noise emitted from Bill and the gang as they debut at the Asylum

Live at The Asylum - 19 Regent Street - Sudbury, Ontario
9PM Doors - $6 cover at the door - Licensed/All Ages Show

Sudbury Rock/Country

The Radissons Band is a country/rock band from Sudbury, Ontario formed in 2016. The band is highly influenced by blues and classic rock artists, country and classical as well as the history of Canada. They play music both in English and in French and do a wide array of original and cover materials during their shows. The band was started by local musician Pat Yasko and his father, Gregory Yasko, and features drummer Andrew Gagnon from local bands like The Therapists, Blueshift and Sex & Summer.

Sudbury Improv Noise Rock

Bill Filler & The Pretenders is an improvised noise machine, spewing out frequencies ranging from mid paced sludge rock to hyper-frantic black metal, post crust hardcore to tech-death while suddenly reverting to a folk inspired chord progression reminiscant of a Zeppelin melody. Minimalist in their approach, and yet effective with their intent, Bill Filler fills the bill when bills are needed to be filled.

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