Past Event

Without Mercy, Ruptured Birth, Kreise live at The Asylum

Archaic North Entertainment Presents
Friday June 17th 2016 - 9:30PM Doors
Live at The Asylum - 19 Regent St - Sudbury, Ontario

Without Mercy (BC Groove Laced Death Metal)

Ruptured Birth (Sudbury Metal maniacs return with new materials from their upcoming album, on CDN Records)

Kreise (Montreal winners of Metal Academie 2015. Alternative/Prog metal)

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Brought to you by Archaic North Entertainment, Dynamik Musik, Xtrem Productions

Abbotsford Death Metal

What’s in a name? Everything. And Vancouver-based Without Mercy certainly stays true to its name. Ruthless and menacing, these Canadian metal titans have cultivated a fusion of death and thrash, a sound that shows off the band’s respect for, and dedication to both genres.

Tenacity, work ethic and originality. There's no excuses anymore.

Vancouver-based Without Mercy certainly stays true to its name. Ruthless and menacing, these Canadian metal titans have cultivated and redefined the phrase, "Fuck Pussy Metal".

Sudbury Death Metal

Formed in 2014, Ruptured Birth is a science fiction influenced brutal death metal with hints of grind,slam,black metal and doom from Sudbury, Ontario.
Band Members
James Bok - Vocals

Shane (Shanesaw) Scovron - Guitar

Cody Bradshaw - Drums

Aaron Conte - Bass

Longueuil Progressive Metal

Kreise is a dynamic metal band from Longueuil/Montreal, Quebec which incorporates progressive styles with heavy music, a blending of alternative and stoner/nu-metal/metalcore/atmoshperic elements. Think Opeth meets Deftones with a bit of Tool and Baroness tossed in.

Kreise: German word used to define circle in plural. (Kreis is used for singular). In our songs, the circles, the cycles, the revolutions and other cycling phomenom are fundamentals. The pural marks the cultiplicity of theses phenomenoms. As for such, the meaning deserved will be due by our lyrics, our sounds, our energy rather than by the strict definition of the word. What we are seeking to present in an unified vision of cycling phenomenons; all revolutions, life itself, waves, sounds, the universe and furthermore. Kreise design all that refine to circle, all that in part of a cycle and, to our opinion, the universe is a major reference to circles

WITHOUT MERCY crushing Sudbury on July 1th 2016, live at The Asylum. Filmed by Mark Howitt.

Quebec's KREISE performing live at The Asylum in Sudbury, Ontario on

Ruptured Birth performing live at The Asylum on Friday June 17th 2016 with Without Mercy and Kreise! Filmed by Mark Howitt.

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