Past Event

Greys, Dirty Princes, Lightmares live at The Asylum

Fri. May 27 / 9PM / $10
$5 tall cans of Stack!


Like their contemporaries the Dirty Nil, Greys infuse strong melodic sensibilities into their relentless post-punk tunes. They are currently signed to both Carpark Records (Speedy Ortiz, Beach House) and Buzz Records (Dilly Dally).


Sudbury's longest-running indie band. These fellas helped nurture members of all your favourite current local bands through Millards' Garage, and they've been tearing up the road and releasing great albums for the past couple of years.

Dirty Princes

The brainchild of Shawn Kosmo, punk genius, and the architect of about a million music videos over the past couple of years. Dirty Princes are now more powerful than ever thanks to their enhanced lineup featuring member of Howie Moonlight and DUNES.

Toronto Math Rock

Greys is a loud rock band from Toronto, Ontario Canada that was formed in 2011.

Current Label: Buzz Records + Carpark Records | Past: Hand Drawn Dracula, Pint-Sized, IndoorShoes, Concession, Kind Of Like

Official Website:

Sudbury Power Pop

When the tough gets going, Shawn Kosmo & the Dirty Princes get tough. Formed under the assumption of an underdog status, SK&TDP (abbreviated for time) are quickly forcing themselves onto a underwhelming amount of their peers. Armed with songs that range in time, and stage-presences that range in presents size, SK&TDP prove time and time and time again that they are, in fact, a local band.

The Dirty Princes are:

Shawn Kosmo
Mark Scherzinger
Dawson Quail
Dylan Kelly

Sudbury Garage Rock/Punk

Born under the acid rain of a dirty old bastard of a mining town - and so on and so forth.

Jamie Millard - Vocals/Guitar
Nicholas Millard - Bass/Vocals
Zack Tymchuk - Drums/Vocals

"Are you guys twins?"

Sudbury's Dirty Princes performing live at The Asylum on May 27th 2016. Filmed by Nicholas Millard.

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