Past Event

Eradikal Insane, Shape The Above, Sludgehammer, Behind These Eyes live at The Asylum

Archaic North Entertainment & Xtrem Productions Present..

Eradikal Insane (Tech Death from France, 1st Time in Canada)
Shape the Above (Montreal, Winners of Metal Academie 2014)
Sludgehammer (Toronto Metal)
Behind These Eyes (Sudbury Deathcore)

$10 admission - All Ages Event
Live at The Asylum
19 Regent Street - Sudbury, Ontario

France Death Metal

Eradikal Insane is a French death metal band that formed in Marseille, France, in November 2004, when guitarists and brothers Nicolas and Florian Escoffier joined together to play extreme music. In their 11-year existence, Eradikal Insane has released 1 studio album, 1 EP, 3 demos and performed over 70 concerts in France, Russia, Luxembourg and Canada. Their first full-length, ‘Mithra’ was released in September 2015.

Montreal Prog/Death Metal

Shape The Above is a Montreal based progressive death metal band that has jazz infused sections, off time patterns and atmospheric passages. The band has a progressive approach overall and attempts to sound unique using various styles.
Drums : Frédéric Ducharme
Bass: Jonathan Robertson
Guitar : Renaud Pierre Tremblay Lapointe
Vocals / Guitar : William Arseneau

Toronto Groove/Death Metal

Sludgehammer is a 5 piece Canadian metal band which formed in 2013. The band began with guitarist Jeff Wilson and drummer Fernando Villalobos jamming together, which quickly resulted in writing songs and searching for a full line up. Their search led to vocalist Chris Szarota, who possessed an astonishing vocal ferocity and bassist and vocalist Dan Ayers, who passed the audition as a bassist and also revealed a golden voice. Thus, the first incarnation of Sludgehammer was formed.
The four members worked hard over the next few months to put together a demo, which was released at the bands’ first gig on November 22nd, 2013. The demo was well received even though it was completely self recorded and the gig offers kept on coming, along with new fans.

Sudbury Deathcore

Behind These Eyes is a deathcore/death metal/beatdown band from Sudbury Ontario. The band has shared the stage with many of Canada's top deathcore and death metal bands such as Angelmaker, Falsifier, Killitorous, Gorod, Aegaeon and many more. The band is currently working on their first full length album.

France deathcore band Eradikal Insane starting a wall of death in Sudbury at The Asylum, September 12th 2015

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