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Negura Bunget 20th Anniversary Show with Ninjaspy, Lutharö + Guests - May 24th 2017

Negura Bunget 20th Anniversary Tour
Wednesday May 24th 2017
Live in Sudbury at The Asylum

(20 Year Anniversary Negura Bunget/10 Year Anniversary Om)
NEGURA BUNGET (Romania's Top Metal Export, Folk/Atmoshperic Black Metal)
NINJASPY (Vancouver Ska/Reggae Prog Metal Geniuses)
LUTHARO (Hamilton Heavy/Thrash Metal)

Ticket link and additional information coming very soon! Stay tuned for more details!

The Asylum - 19 Regent Street - Sudbury, Ontario
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Transilvanian Black Metal

Label: Prophecy Productions/Code666/Aural Music
The Name
A powerful dark presence of an intense nature, connected with the local nature and with its spirit, ascending and descending, shaping through the clouds of the present. You can sometimes feel it is there, but you cannot grab it. Only your clean mind and soul can came close of its presence. From the very beginning we shaped ourselves into relating with it, so that is now part of us. That’s how we understand Negură Bunget.

Vancouver Ska/Reggae Prog Metal

“I am so scared of this…but that’s good.” – Bob Ezrin (Producer: KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Kansas, PHISH, Deftones, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple + Co-Founder of Nimbus School of Recording and Media in Vancouver)
A progressive fusion of influences ranging from metal, hardcore, reggae, ska and surf define the craft of Ninjaspy. Ninjaspy uses everything they have in their creative arsenal to make music that moves people. Music that is inventive, unfettered by ego­driven posturing or attempts at conformity to social or stylistic norms. Music that attacks and recoils combining violence with peace. Music that allows both silly and serious to interweave.

Hamilton Heavy/Thrash Metal

Lutharö is a relatively newcomer to the Ontario metal scene in regards to most people, however the band was active during 2012-2014 under the original name of Incarnadine. The members have all been heavy metal fans for nearly as long as they can remember, and their musical journey as a band began back in 2012-2013, when most members of the band were just finished highschool. Since then the band has had a few lineup changes and had some typical learning curves along the way, but the band has always kept things together and going strong, in the name of heavy metal for the masses!
In recent years, the band has been playing more live shows and traveling outside of Southern Ontario for shows and gaining fans at a steady rate. Keep an eye out for this band in a city near you and witness an intense set of Ontario female fronted heavy thrash metal!

Official Videos

Official video for "Black Scorpion" by LUTHARO

Official video for "Speak" by NINJASPY

Official video for "Azaria" (Acoustic Version) by NINJASPY

Official video for "Lilith" by LUTHARO

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