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Jason Rouse, Darren Frost Live In Sudbury - The Enemy Myself Tour

Saturday May 20th 2017
Live in Sudbury at The Asylum
Hosted by Darren Frost, featuring local performances by Rylan Stolar, Cole Leonard and Luke Alberton.
"Hamilton-hatched stand up mutant Jason Rouse is the evil Jim Carrey, but he's smarter and light years funnier!" - NOW Magazine
Perhaps the most controversial comedian in the world, Canadian shock comic Jason Rouse, is taking over the Asylum in a show unlike any Sudbury's ever seen! The event is being hosted by none other than Canadian award winning comedian Darren Frost. This is going to be the comedy show of the year folks, and you don't want to miss this opportunity to witness whom Andrew Dice Clay has dubbed, "The Terminator of Comedy" live in your hometown. A no holds barred show you'll never forget!
Jason Rouse is a renegade touring stand-up comedian taking the mainstream comedy world and turning it upside down. Over the last decade, this comedy outsider has been sharpening his teeth in clubs and festivals all over the world.
Rouse has made it his mission to forge a new road and write a new chapter in stand up comedy. Middle of the road mainstream comedy is left for dead. Instead, this Jester from Hell has been unleashed onto international stages with all of the power of a derailed comedy freight train.
Now Magazine – NOW Reader’s Poll Award for Best Local Stand-Up Comedian – 2002
Now Magazine – NOW Reader’s Poll Award for Best Local Stand-Up Comedian – 2001
Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) – Campus Entertainment Award for Comedy Performer – 2001
Gemini Award - Best Individual Performance in Comedy Program or Series for Comedy Now! Season 4: Jason Rouse – 2001
Worldfest International Film Festival – Silver Award: Jason Rouse (Houston) – 2001
Nominated for Phil Hartman Comedy Award – 2001
Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance Scholarship – 2000
The Asylum is a fitting venue for this performance, as Jason is also a huge metal fan, having moved to Europe to tour comedy and to be able to meet and witness his favourite bands in locations such as Norway and Sweden. He has worked with several prominent bands and has performed or hosted many notable festivals such as the Inferno Festival in Norway, Bloodstock, Hole In The Sky Fest, Glastonbury, Download Festival, was the host of the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards and tons more. We are sure he is going to love The Asylum and are stoked to have him perform for you all on our stage.
Darren was twice awarded top ten comedy moments of the year by Toronto entertainment magazine Now. Darren has been awarded the prestigious Kari award for Best Performance in a commercial in Canada. At the 2005 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Darren performed in the most shows of any performer. 22 shows that included the nasty show and the gala. He has also taken his comedy shenanigans international with shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. In 2007 was chosen to compete in the Seattle International Comedy Competition.
Numerous movie/television appearances to his credit. Appearing in the summer blockbuster Hairspray (2007 film) with John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer, as well as past appearances in the Ethan Hawke film Assault on Precinct 13, the Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon film Fever Pitch, and a role in the Michael Douglas feature Don't Say A Word. Television roles in Disney’s Santa Who?, and a role in Kojak the TV series starring Ving Rhames. Darren filmed his own half-hour special for the Comedy Network and had the largest audience turnout in the channel's history. Uncredited, Darren was also the Headstones fan Rupert P. in the music video for "Come On" from their 2001 album The Greatest Fits.
Darren lends his voices to a many cartoons including: 6teen, Time Warp Trio, Timothy Goes to School, George Shrinks, Stoked (TV series), Camp Lakebottom, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, Showtime’s Gahan Wilson’s The Kid, and Medabots. He also has been featured in many memorable national commercials currently the Cash For Life Fairy, and old favorites Microsoft’s Hermes Messenger of the Gods, and Listerine’s Action Hero Bottle.
8PM - $20 tickets/$25 at door - 19+/Licensed Event
Live at The Asylum - 19 Regent Street - Sudbury, Ontario
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Canadian Shock Comic

"I want people leaving, shaking their heads saying, 'That's the strangest thing I've ever seen'" - Jason Rouse


Brantford Comedian

Darren Frost (born January 21, 1971) is a Canadian actor and stand-up comedian. He frequently performs at Yuk-Yuks comedy clubs, and he competed in the 2007 Seattle International Comedy Competition. Darren is known for his eccentricity and often extremely taboo material; he describes his aim as being "to slam a stapler against the forehead of popular culture."
Darren thrives on hyper-driving criticisms, dark revelation and lunacy. His ability to command the undivided attention of an audience is remarkable. He is currently touring celebrating the release of his online store Comedywhorestore.com which includes his box set The Darkness Within: 25 hours of uncensored comedy.  He is the only comedian in Canada to independently release four full length standup comedy DVD’s.

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DARREN FROST - Best Male Comic Of The Year Nomination (Video)

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