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Amateur Hours Open Mic Comedy Night

Tuesday March 14th 2017 - 9:20PM Start
It's that time of the month again! No no, not that time of the month, but it sure as hell is the March edition of the Asylum Open Mic Night, hosted by none other than the Mad Scientist Rylan Stolar himself! The last open mic night was really awesome, and it was great to see a bunch of new faces out showing off their stuff. No no, not that stuff...but it's really great to see the interest and diversity growing in Sudbury's local comedy scene!
Our Facebook algorithm detectors have informed us of who has signed up for stage time, but we know how it goes. You guys come out without signing up and want stage time to make us all snicker. No, not that Snicker, the "Ha Ha" kind! Any hoot, if you sign up by posting in the Facebook event page, we know who is coming and can list you on our website which also links to your comedian profile on the website too. If you don't have a profile, check out the info below to find out how to get your very own special place on the internet! :)
This edition of Asylum Open Mic is entitled Amateur Hour(s), and features some local greats coming down to the dungeon to bust some guts. No no, not those guts! Wait. Yes, those guts, but not literally you sickos!
Confirmed Comedians:
Clint Gibbons
Dwayne Lemieux
Luke Alberton
Cole Leonard
Austin Hodkinson
+ More. There is always more :)
Comedian Profiles:
That's right fellow chucklers, we now have band, artist and comedian profiles on our website. We try and keep up to date with things as best we can, but aren't fast enough sometimes. If we have a profile for you already and you do not want it, please let us know. Sometimes we are too fast and get ahead of ourselves. If you have a pic, bio, links to your pages and all that jazz, send it over and we will update everything. If we have not included you and you have performed on our stage, then you are eligible for your own profile! Just send us an email to anebookings@gmail.com and we will promote your craft!
Open Mic Facebook Event Link:

Sudbury Comedian

Clint Gibbons is a well known local Sudbury comedian.

Sudbury Comedian

Cole Leonard is a blossoming local comedian and host for the Cold Dark North series of comedy shows in Sudbury.

Sudbury Comedian

Dwayne Lemieux is a stand up comedian from Sudbury, Ontario

Sudbury Comedian

Luke Alberton is a Sudbury raised comedian, who moved to Toronto and did some of the comedy circuit there. Now he is back and has started hosting events locally in the growing Sudbury comedy scene.

Sudbury Comedian

Rylan Stolar has hosted many comedy events and continues to be a contributing part to the growing Sudbury comedy community.

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