Shan's Birthday with 85 Pound Poutine, Big Brother and Aggressive Acoustic - December 2nd 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

To celebrate Shan's Birthday we are having some live music and a PUNK ROCK PIRATE PARTY!!

$5 cover @The Door
19+ Licenced Event - 9PM Doors

Set Times
Aggressive Acoustic 10-10:45 Pm
Big Brother 11:12:00 Am
85 Pound Poutine 12:15-1:15 Am

Aggressive Acoustic-Sudbury Ontario
From Tool and A Perfect Circle, to Chevelle and Monster Magnet, we rework heavy alternative rock songs, and make them our own in an acoustically aggressive way. Mixed with some sweet originals, our unique sound and set-up are sure to please. They are not your average acoustic band.
Bubbling up out of the slag of the Nickel City, Aggressive Acoustic has gradually been smelted into a highly corrosive hodge podge of madness, musical instruments, and the united goal of making ear drums bleed with instruments traditionally perceived as pleasant to the ear. Initially the brain child of Brian Cattapan, Aggressive Acoustic started as a one man band of big voice and bassy acoustic guitar sounds. Deciding that he needed some drums in the mix, Brian performed an ancient and eldritch ritual to summon the Thunder Goddess, Angie McBride to provide rhythm to what was to become Aggressive Acoustic. In the process of summoning Angie, the earth let loose a massive high pitched fart that sounded pleasing to Brian's ears. Almost in tune with what he was playing. Despite the horrid stench of the looming flatulent cloud, and its penchant for creepily hovering about the area, it could recall the sound of its birth, and Brian found it to be suitable enough accompaniment for his sounds. Thus Sean Trottier was birthed, and became part of Aggressive Acoustic. Hearing the sound of thunder, Brians screams, and guitar, coupled with the primal hymn of Sean's genesis, Darren Favot came upon the scene, curious as to what was making such a racket and rousing him from his musical meditations. He found the sound pleasing, albeit unsettling, and decided that he would use the opportunity to use sound to split space and time, and see what happens. And so it was that Aggressive Acoustic has come to be.

Big Brother-Toronto Ontario/Skacore
Big Brother is an "Orwellian" Skacore band based out of Toronto. For those of you who are unaware the name of the band is a reference to a character in the book "1984" written by George Orwell. The band sound is a high energy mix of ska, punk and metal music that incorporates unusual scales and time signatures as well as ripping counter solos. The band formed in the wake of the breakup of Ghetto Blaster in April 2013. Big Brother originally featured Chris Spadafora of Crack Squad, Ian Wilkinson of Corporation and Michael Lada Brockhouse of Dysfunkt. Each of them were also former members of Ghetto Blaster. Big Brother's live performances have been known to occasionally feature guest appearances such as Jacob from Cerebral Scrub and Paco formerly of Panama Red (who would later join the band in May of 2014).

Remember ... "They’re Always Watching".
-Big Brother

85 Pound Poutine- Bleeginsville Alabama Ontario/100% improve death metal
85 Pound Poutine is an improvised freestyle death metal band from Canada. We have never played the same song twice
General Manager
Vladmir Poutine
Poutine and metal!
Personal Information
Poutine is just fine by us
Cheese (Guitar), Fries (Drums), and Gravy (Bellows)

Bleeginsville, Alabama Canada

Improvised Death Metal. Some say we are a joke, others say we are an inspiration. All we know is, we never play the same song twice and we love to eat poutine. Love us or hate us, but dont deny the power of the poutine!


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