Asylum News, March 1st 2017 Edition

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The Asylum
Open Mic Comedy Night At The Asylum
Nickel City Comedy and The Asylum present
Jar of Dirt - Tribute To Alice In Chains

Laughing It Up All Week @ The Asylum

March is upon us, spring is arriving soon and here we are to inject some mirth and merriment to your week!  First up, here's a listing of everything we have on the calendar this week:

MONDAY: Music and Art Show
TUESDAY: Open Mic Comedy (and cheap night!)
WEDNESDAY: Free Pool all night
THURSDAY: Comedy Showcase
FRIDAY: Jar of Dirt - Alice In Chains tribute band
SATURDAY: Spoken Word Poetry Workshop
Live Stand-Up Comedy

Yeah, that's a thing now.  Tell your friends!  It turns out that our dark and intimate club is also the perfect environment for stand up comedy, who knew?   We've began hosting fairly regular comedy nights over the last few weeks and local comedians are happy to have a new stage, audience and backdrop to ply their hilarious trade in... and touring comedians are just happy to have a place to stop in Sudbury on a Tuesday, LOL.  Laughter is the best medicine and our crowd has been enjoying busting themselves up in stitches at jokes instead of in the mosh pit!

We have two comedy events taking place this week, one tonight and one on Thursday.  Check out the details by clicking the banners above or heading to the new section on our website dedicated to comedy to always keep informed on what's happening at The Asylum with the local stand up scene:


Featured Local Band: Jar Of Dirt


The Asylum Tribute series continues after some awesome shows in January for Black Sabbath and in February for Danzig/Misfits night. March brings us some local hometown talent with Jar of Dirt, who will be covering all the classics from the Alice In Chains discography on Friday Night.  

New Brews Brewing Behind The Bar

Did we mention that we now carry Stack Brewing's Saturday Night ON TAP? Not only is this cheaper than in the tall cans, it means it is also available in our handy Pitcher Sized Format for Maximum Enjoyment.

As one of our prized (and delicious) local partners, Stack Brewing often helps bands by sponsoring events, such as Friday's performance by Jar of Dirt. Select Stack beers will be on special at this event, as well as a featured Stack Beer for each tribute event.

Featured for March will be Helter Smelter, a 10.4% Imperial Stout with hints of chocolate and coffee. Helter Smelter was made with the Asylum in mind, a perfect beer for those who love to thrash and headbang at our concerts. The Helter Smelter label features artwork from Sudbury's own Martin Borgeouis from Studio 613 Tattoos and is a proud hometown brew crafted in part by some of Sudbury's finest, take a look!


Speaking of Stack Brewing, we've been working on our drinks menu system on the website and should have it updated fully to compliment what we currently carry within the next couple of days:

Oh yeah, we also just stocked up on Crazy Beard Ale!  Perfect to go with all the laughing you'll be doing tonight and on Thursday.   We're not 100% sure on this but we might be the only bar in Northern Ontario currently carrying this stuff, how beard-scratchingly crazy is that? 



Our First Visual Artist Profile:

The Art Work of Cassi-Lyn Churchill

Art by Cassi-Lyn Churchill
Art by Cassi-Lyn Churchill
Art by Cassi-Lyn Churchill
Art by Cassi-Lyn Churchill


On Monday February 27th, the Asylum held it's very first Art Exhibition / Musical Performance held by local artists Cassi-Lyn Churchill and Mishiikenh Kwe, along with live music provided by HKThe Patrick Yasko Band and Hearing Trees from Winnipeg. We had a few minutes to interview Cassi-Lyn and ask some quick questions as she was setting up before the night kicked off.  

How long have you been working in the local art space?

I've been selling paintings since I was in the arts program at Sudbury Secondary, so over half a decade.

What are your prefered mediums?

I learned to work with a lot in the arts program at school.  Chalk and oil pastels, acrylic and oil paint, watercolours, sculptures, pottery, bead work, charcoal, pretty much everything.  I really enjoy working with charcoal actually.   I would love to learn as many as I can.

What possessed you to start creating?

When I was younger I was diagnosed with epilepsy, art was part of my therapy and that became a passion.  

You did the artwork and design of the Asylum's unique entryway corridor. What was inspiration behind that?

Mostly historical things.  The Sudbury Basin and the comet that hit here millions of years ago is referenced.  We were talking about world wars and so there's some of that in there.  We are going to put some of the planes from WWII in next - I'm not finished with it so it is still a work in progress so I'll be adding to it and hope to do more projects here in the future.

Cool with us.  Where can we see your work next?  

I'm working on some things but they are secrets at the moment that I can't give away just yet so I'll have to keep you surprised.

Crone Of War
Cassi-Lyn Churchilll poses at the beginning of the long dark hallway that greets guests entering The Asylum, the long dark hallway of her design.


To find out those secrets, keep your eyes on Cassi-Lyn's Facebook.


Buy Your Anvil Tickets Online Now!

Tickets for the Weekend with Anvil are on sale now.   If you don't know who Anvil are or perhaps heard of them but haven't seen the movie The Story of Anvil, do yourself a favour and watch it on Netflix or at least take 2 minutes out of your day to watch the trailer linked below.   If Lemmy stating "I've always liked Anvil" doesn't convince you that you need to be here one night that weekend, then I guess there's nothing we can do to help you.

A Weekend With Anvil At The Asylum - May 26th-27th 2017
Anvil! The Story of Anvil - Official Trailer
If you haven't seen this movie, change your plans for this evening and make it so.

Comedian Jason Rouse: Tickets Online!

Canadian shock comic Jason Rouse takes over the Asylum in a show unlike any Sudbury's ever seen. No holds barred comedy by one of Canada's best.


Tickets for other events are also available at the bar, just come on down and grab 'em.


Sudbury Youth Rocks World Record Fundraiser Show
Archspire, Ruptured Birth, Behind These Eyes live at The Asylum - May 8th 2017
Negura Bunget - 20th Anniversary Tour - Live in Sudbury at The Asylum

The Asylum Community Efforts

The fundraiser weekend we did not long ago, raised over $500 for the Whiskers Cat Shelter in Sudbury and over $2000 for the Metal Fights MS Fundraiser!

We have another fundraiser/"food"raiser coming up on March 31st, and a Crohns+ Collitis fundraiser which just confirmed today for Saturday May 6th. Details TBA.


Shows In Development /Annoucing Soon

Saturday April 1st - Harbour, The Twentiest, Wilt(ed)
Monday May 15th - Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities, The Maxwells + Guests


That's all we know - See you down here soon!

Mark, Shannon and their Friendly Neighbourhood Webhead! 

Latest News

Apr 2017

The Extroverts in Sudbury for The First Time!

The Extroverts are coming to the Nickel City!
TOUR NEWS! NEW VIDEO! Extroverts are heading to Toronto and other Ontario cities for the FIRST TIME EVER! Our first-ever Toronto show is a showcase set at Canadian Music Week. And to celebrate, here is a new video for Marilyn Monroe's Eyes from our album SUPPLE.
Apr 2017

Featured Out Of Towner: Return For Refund

Return For Refund is a rock band who create a gritty, precise, and high-energy sound filled with infectious riffs and hard hitting rhythms. By combining the sensibilities of the blues, the energy of metal, and the expressive influences of grunge-era alternative rock, the band has found something unique and unapologetically new.
Apr 2017

Featured Local Artist: Save The Strange

Save The Strange is what some might call the latest "Supergroup" to form in Sudbury, Ontario. Formed in April of 2015, the band features members from many classic and memorable Sudbury bands including Sushi, Weatherly, Backroads, Hyland Drive, Konflit Dramatik, Breaking The Breakdown, Sex & Summer and Sulfur City.
Mar 2017

Featured Outta Towner: Laugh At The Fakes

Proggy melodic goodness alert this Friday!!

Mar 2017

Featured Local Artist: Behind These Eyes

These boys know how to rock, and rock hard! Behind These Eyes have been busy working on materials for their upcoming album and have been playing some of these gems live at their local shows to give people a taste of what's to come.

Mar 2017

Featured Local Artist: The Wring

With an impressive debut record just released, Sudbury's The Wring is set to do some damage to the local music scene.  With a heavy prog rock tone and snarling vocals, they are a 4 piece that create a massive sound with solid mid tempo grooves and complex musical passages full of interesting lyrical imagery.

Mar 2017

Asylum New, March 18th 2017 edition

Hey folks, we're back again with another quick update of what we got cooking down at The Asylum.
We had a few cool bookings land on our door step this last week that we're going to tell you about, a new relationship with our local community radio station, some show listings and new tickets on sale, an album review, a featured artist profile and some news about our latest Community Effort to do some good in Sudbury this month.
Mar 2017

Artist of the Day: Ninjaspy

“I am so scared of this…but that’s good.” – Bob Ezrin (Producer: KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, PHISH, Deftones, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple)
Mar 2017

Cody & Cory's Birthday Celebration

It's our bartender Cody's birthday tonight, w00t!   Still a young 'un and yet beats the drums with the intensity of a thousand suns.  Come on down and watch him have to work on his Birthday muhahahah!  Facebook Link
Mar 2017

Asylum News, March 10th 2017 Edition

Blackwood Sinners, the winners of the 2016 Q92 Rock Band Rumble, just got signed to a record deal with Ariella Records and are playing a show on our stage with The Lad Classic and Vintage Slang on May 5th.
Mar 2017

New Show Added: Harbour with The Twentiest and Wilt/ed

New show with Harbour, The Twentiest and Wilt/ed booked today for all you home grown punk rock fans!

Mar 2017

Hilarity For Charity This Week At The Asylum - October 24th 2016

October 24th 2016 - Sudbury Star Article:

Three Edmonton comedians and two Sudbury funnymen will take the stage at The Asylum Oct. 25 for Hilarity for Charity.

Mar 2017

TONIGHT, Jar of Dirt will be crankin' tunes from the all mighty Alice in Chains!

Stack Brewing is also sponsoring our tribute nights and each event, we'll have a stack brew on special! Up to bat is HELTER SMELTER FOR 5.75$. This all powerful 10.4%, black as night Imperial Stout is a chocolaty coffee delight sure to explode in your mouth. Get em' while we still have them in stock!

Mar 2017

Asylum Closed: Snow Day

It's been decided due to inclement weather and treacherous ongoing conditions mother nature is dishing out, we're giving our staff at The Asylym a snowday!

BUT FEAR NOT! We'll be back into operation tomorrow for our Comedy night featuring some out of towners and our hometown belly laughing specialists. Go enjoy some Timmies today and a beer tomorrow!

Be Safe!

Feb 2017

Happy Birthday Justin!

A BIG Happy Birthday goes out to our Bartender Justin Rienguette!

From The Asylum Staff! Have fun you big sexy booze slinger \m/



Sep 2016

Beaver Slap: Thrashy, Angry and Estrogen-Fueled

Beaver Slap is a Barrie-based female punk band slated to play Sudbury's Asylum at 19 Regent St. on Friday night on a bill with Artificial Dissemination, The Therapists and The Twentiest. Its members are Julie Marchione, Cailyn Fitzgerald, Kalei Lynn and Natalie Mason. The Star contacted Beaver Slap and the band answered a series of questions ahead of the gig.

Aug 2016

Little You, Little Me and Motherhood Team Up

Members of New Brunswick bands Little You, Little Me and Motherhood have a wealth of different projects on the go, running arts collectives, record labels, music festivals, studios and recording projects. Amidst all this, the two groups will find time to hit the road on tour together with a cross-Canada trek.

Aug 2016

Sudbury rapper returns home next month

CheZZa takes the stage at the Asylum September 17.


Sudbury-born rapper CheZZa will return to his hometown for a Sept. 17 show at The Asylum to promote his new album “i am...".

Jul 2016

Sudbury's New Live Music Venue

The Asylum will be open seven days a week from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. and its owner promises to continue showcasing national and international acts, as well.

"It has been a long process transitioning from an all ages music venue into a licensed establishment, but it's been well worth the wait," said owner Mark Howitt.

Jul 2016

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs at The Asylum

Toronto-based Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs are playing a show at The Asylum Sudbury at 19 Regent Street in Sudbury on July 31 beginning at 7 p.m. The show includes Dirty Princes, Lightmares and Skin Condition. The show is licensed, but is for all ages. Tickets are $7 and the show starts at 7 p.m. sharp. The Star spoke with Iron Lungs guitar player, Timmins native and former Star reporter Joel French.

Jul 2016

Get your metal fix at The Asylum next month

Hitting the road for their first cross Canada tour since 2011, Montreal-based death metal masters Necronomicon will be performing in Sudbury on Aug. 9 at The Asylum. 

Jul 2016

Sudbury Venue Growing and Evolving

Nickel City has a new spot for metalheads to find 'Asylum'

Set near a relatively quiet corner at Regent Street and Elm Street is the home to some of Sudbury's loudest shows.

Jun 2016

Vesperia shows chops in Sudbury tonight

How big is Wacken Open Air (W:O:A)? The annual hard rock and heavy metal festival draws almost 100,000 headbangers to the small German town of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein the first weekend in August. 

It is a powerchord pilgrimage destination for global metalheads. For bands in the genre, there is no other festival you want to be performing at.

May 2016

Music 'Saved' Sudbury Man From Oblivion

Heavy metal saved Mark Howitt's life.

It helped him overcome depression, kick addiction and gave him the confidence to leave despair - and homelessness - behind.

"If it wasn't for music I don't think I would be here right now," said the 34-year-old musician, show promoter and founder of Sudbury Metal Fest.

"Music has always been an outlet for me."

Oct 2015

Sudbury Metal Fest returns for 2015

Sudbury Metal Fest, Northern Ontario's premier extreme music festival returns for its seventh year supporting Canadian metal with 36 bands from across the country, along with showcasing international talent that includes Negura Bunget and Grimegod from Romania, plus Dyanfari from Iceland.


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