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Within Rust

Delta, British Columbia
Every sound from prog to pop to gaze, this 'New Rock' group from the suburbs of Vancouver is here to stay! Within Rust formed in the year 2012 as a scrappy post hardcore outfit and died as a road worn prog rock band in the Summer of 2016. However, much like a cult anti-hero, Within Rust did not stay dead... Emerging in a world where pop music was new, exciting and vital... Vocalist Nolen Scott looked at guitarist Matt Gage and said “we can do that!”. And so they and long time bassist John Waldock threw out their rock god idols, rinsed their 90’s slacker aesthetic, and embraced the post pop streak of the new alternative.
Make no mistake Within Rust is an explosive rock band in their own right. Holding tight to the frenetic sound that inspired them to pick up their instruments in the first place, and ready to bleed with introspective and formative songs of the here and now. Once named one of the top releases of the week by Alan Cross in his A Journal Of Musical Things, with 2015 single “Surfacing” and picking up reviews from as far as Germany’s for 2016 full length “Light and Shadow”, Within Rust is no stranger to getting the word out there. Boasting a discography of nearly 20 songs, airplay on X92.9 FM Calgary and college radio across Canada and the US, Within Rust is ready for whatever comes their way as they hit the road again in 2017.

"The pacific coast of Canada hosts one of the nation’s largest, most diverse, and thriving music communities. Some bands are here today, gone tomorrow, some carve out a career for themselves, and some rocket out of the starting gate with strong songs and an unflinching work ethic. Vancouver’s Within Rust find themselves undoubtedly in the latter camp"
- Dave Cotton, American Aftermath

"I haven't heard music like this coming out of Vancouver. A mix of Metric, The Killers yet with almost some Joe Satriani guitar influence. Their new single is catchy, memorable, sonically interesting and structured perfectly! A definite must see if you have the time!"
- James Weekes, Hammer Records

Radiohead, Metric, Periphery, The Safety Fire, The Killers, 90's Post-Hardcore
Nolen Scott - Vocals
Matt Gage - Guitar
John Waldock- Bass
Official Website:

Official video for "Sleep" by WITHIN RUST

Official video for "Surface" by WITHIN RUST

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