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Unbreakable Hatred

Quebec City, Quebec
Unique Leader Records
Formed in 2008, by Philippe, his brother and his good friend Simon, Unbreakable Hatred a three piece Death Metal band based out of Quebec City, Quebec. This three piece wants to create a unique Death Metal sound with a mix of brutality and groove.

The band finally recorded their debut album Total Chaos. The album is a blend of -old school death metal and modern technicality- Soon following, Unbreakable Hatred joined Galy Records and Lacerated Enemy Records.

In August 2011, Unbreakable hit the road for the first time in Canada with Misery Index and Fuck The Facts in support of their first full length album. One year later, Unbreakable Hatred hit the road again as part of the realm of Europe tour with Condemned and then, the end of humanity tour with Origin and Suffocation.

After almost 3 years Unbreakable Hatred return in studios with Chris Donaldson at The Grid studios. The album title perfectly reflects the album cover. The new album RUINS is a mix of grind, brutal, groove and technical death metal. The album gained the interest of technical death metal label Unique Leader Records and was subsequentially released soon after.

Philippe Drouin : Guitar
Dominique Drouin : Drums
Simon B. Lapointe : Bass and Vocals
Official Website:

Official video for "Dysfunctional System" by UNBREAKABLE HATRED

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