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The Reed Effect

Toronto, Ontario
The Reed Effect (TRE) is an original, grungy, melodic-rock act based out of Toronto formed by brothers Chris and Kirk Reed. A band who stands stands apart from the rest, Toronto’s The Reed Effect prove that rock & roll doesn’t have to be boring. Rules were made to be broken and the band takes that sentiment to heart. Everything has a purpose and a meaning – the story of how The Reed Effect came to be is in the music. The band lives and dies by their energetic and explosive live shows. Never happy to settle for good enough, they want you to feel what they’re feeling and they’re willing to work for it.

Lead singer and main lyricist, Kirk Reed, shares his past with the audience through the music. After nearly a decade of almost complete incapacitation while battling severe chronic pain, Kirk came out on the other side healthy and focused, channeling the lessons and aftermath of that time into song. The Reed Effect is rounded out with the stellar rhythmic support of brother Chris Reed on bass and backing vocals with a small rotating cast of talented Toronto drummers. The chemistry The Reed Effect share on stage is palpable.

Since the release of the band’s debut self-titled EP in 2014, The Reed Effect has enjoyed a steady increase in their fanbase in and around the GTA. The band released their first single since that EP, ‘Down” in January 2016 which showcases the growth in sound, direction and points to the future of The Reed Effect. The new single “Down In Here” was released on May 30th, 2016 and features more of the heavier, blues-coated hard rock sound heard in “Down”. Produced by Ross Hayes Citrullo at Media One Creative and mastered at Joao Carvalho Mastering, “Down in Here” is a hard-hitting, riff-heavy cautionary tale about the hidden costs that come with getting what you want in life and surrendering to the consequences.

Currently, the boys are in the studio recording with Vic Branco of Iguana Studios. Stay tuned for new music. You can see TRE regularly playing cities within Ontario as well as tours out to the east coast. Be sure to catch them at a city near you!

Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, System of a down, Stone temple pilots, Jack White, Royal Blood, The Doors
Kirk Reed
Chris Reed
Bryan Fontez
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