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The Om Sound

Montreal, Quebec
Neo-soul, hip-hop, electro, jazz-fusion, funk, reggae....genres dissolve at the flood of groove that is The OM Sound. Founded in BC and based in Montreal, their mesmerizing music continually pushes instrumental and lyrical boundaries. Their music is inspired by a socially, environmentally, and spiritually conscious message, conveyed through soul stirring lyrics and rich soundscapes, wrapped up with in-the-pocket beats and blow-your-mind bass lines. Frequently compared to bands such as Snarky Puppy, BADBADNOTGOOD, and Hiatus Kaiyote, The OM Sound is nevertheless distinguishable in their completely unique sound. With their passion for creation driving them forward, The OM Sound is quickly making a name for themselves in the music world as an unstoppable force.

Redefining the term “power trio,” The OM Sound sounds more like a hip-hop orchestra than a three piece band. Technical drumming is paired with live electronic percussion, synthesizers, shredding keyboards, and crunchy guitar. Hip-hop verses empower the people and bold, sultry harmonies contrast with rolling didgeridoo rhythms and deep dubby bass lines. The creative use of loop pedals adds yet another layer to their sound.

The OM Sound released their debut album, The Tipping Point, recorded in Melbourne, in 2012. The album was the foundation for their current sound as they strove to bring the electronic hip-hop grooves to life with organic instruments. After completing their first cross-Canadian tour, they have recently been gigging relentlessly in Montreal and releasing a series of live studio videos online.

The OM Sound’s new album, Gardens In The Ghetto, was recorded live off the floor in Montreal and released in 2016. Inspired by the trio's experiences in the city, the band seeks to express the beauty of music and culture found in the never-ending chaos of urban living. This industrious inspiration is tempered by a deep connection and respect for nature.

Orion Miller - lyrics, vocals, guitar, fretless bass, electronic drums, didgeridoo, live looping.
Marina Durham - vocals, synth bass, keyboards, live looping.
Varoujan Mardirossian - vocals, drums.
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Official video for "Time Shift" by THE OM SOUND

Official video for "Now Here" by THE OM SOUND

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