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The Long Dark Road

Guelph, Ontario

The Long Dark Road is an audio experiment composed by Jeremy Cavan. It looks to combine the ethos and melody of punk and hardcore with black metal. Featuring members of (U) the band, Teleportoise, and Arkham Awaits. After hearing Deafheavens album Sunbather, the project was initiated. The speed, the anger, the sound inspired our project which grew into something new and different. The first rule was to defy the black metal genre by singing as opposed to screaming exclusively, and to do this in a manner which was still agressive but melodic. As the project moved along experimentation grew and topic material also expanded into philosophy, politics, mental illness and what it is to be forgotten. At the same time this project aimed to be true to early black metal, utilizing a dark noisy soindscape with an all analog recording and no triggers. The result was surprising, sad and dark.

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