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The Extroverts

Regina, Saskatchewan
The Extroverts are a pop/punk band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada active from 1979-1982 with the exception of a one off show in 1984. The band reformed in 2009 with all original members.
In 1984, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, Soviet bloc countries boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics, it cost about $2.50 to go to a movie, and one of the movies many people spent their $2.50 on was Ghostbusters. 1984 was also when Regina’s pop/punk band The Extroverts reunited for a one-off show after having split up in 1982. The lads had a great time, and jokingly vowed to reunite and play a show every Olympic year. It didn’t happen.

Well, 2009 wasn’t an Olympic year, but against all odds, after 25 years, all four original Extroverts got together that June and tore through a set featuring tunes from their 1979-1982 run and a brand new tune.

“It’s amazing how quickly we got back to a reasonable level of tightness after so many years,” says Lester. “And we are having so much fun – we can’t wait to get back up there and do it again."


The Extroverts new tunes are only "half new". Guitarist and co-songwriter Eddie Lester explains: “Singer Brent Caron was a very prolific lyric writer, and would crank songs out with specific tempos or melodies in mind. Unfortunately, he played no instrument and couldn’t communicate the music part of the songs.”

“I would take a pile of lyrics and put music to them, then play that back to Brent and the band to learn,” says Lester. “We wrote 75-80 songs that way. Last June, when rehearsing for our first gig in 25 year, we went through or collections of pictures and memorabilia, and Brent brought over another pile of his unused lyrics from the olden days. I went through the pile and that’s how we came to have a brand new song (Spudboys) for our June show. Brand new insofar as the music is new, and the lyrics are almost 30 years old!”

Lester has continued to put music to the previously unused lyrics, and the band has completely reworked some of their older tunes. The result is a set of brand new tunes that are musically modern but that boast timeless lyrics penned in the late 70’s.

Band members are working on re-recording some of the old numbers as well as get the new songs recorded on what will be their fist official full-length release.
Early Elvis Costello, The Clash, Lou Reed, Rezillos, Early Graham Parker, The Jam, Gang of Four
Brent Caron, vocals
Eddie Lester, guitar
Grant McDonald, bass
Hap Hazard, drums
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Latest News

The Extroverts are coming to the Nickel City!

THE EXTROVERTS performing "You Gotta Lose" in 1980 live at the Schnitzel Haus in Regina, Saskatchewan

Official Video for Marilyn Monroe's Eyes, just released on April 6th 2017.

The Asylum asked The Extroverts own Eddie Lester 10 questions about the band and their upcoming Sudbury performance with Big Knife Little Knife. We are stoked for this legendary Canadian punk band to hit Sudbury, and in the meantime here is a look into the world of The Extroverts to prepare you for the show!

1.    When did the band form and how did it come into existence?
Our lead singer Brent and his pal Dennis conceived of the Extroverts as early as 1977, and various nasty basement-only incarnations existed. Brent met Eddie in 1978, and a few live gigs ensued, until the drummer and bass player left town for various reasons, some law-related. Hap and Grant signed on in 1979 and the Extroverts wrote 50 songs in 2.5 years.

2.    What has been your most memorable moments as a touring musician, or as a musician in general?
We had some crazy shows in the old days, especially when we ended up in front of audiences who either hated us or didn’t know what to make of us or both things. Getting fired from a metal/top 40 bar in Brandon after two night, then crafting the words “Lick Me” in link sausages on the windowsill of our room ranks up there I guess.

3.    Can you let people know about your music, and what inspires you?
Think early 80’s punk, new wave, post punk, dancable rock music. The Clash inspires us.

4.    What are your views on the current music industry and what are your predictions for the future?
Music is no longer an industry, in the sense that it was in 1979. In the future, bands like ours will make no money from music sales, next to nothing from live performance, and a bit from merch sales. Waitaminnit. That’s not the future.

5.    What sort of idealogy does the band have, and what message do you have for the world?
To us, punk means doing whatever the heck it is you want to do.

6.    If you could change 1 thing about the world, what would it be?
Shorter distance from Regina to Sudbury.

7.    What does the band have in store for the future and what can fans expect from the band?
We are heavily influenced by first wave UK punk, and it is our dream to have our music distributed in UK and to play there, as well as Europe.

8.    Can you let people know about your releases, and where they can get your music to support the band?
All the links to Bandcamp, etc, can be found at

9.    Have you ever been to Sudbury, and what can fans expect at the show here?
No, and you can expect us to give 100%, every show, every time.

10.    Do you have any closing comments, or wise words of wisdom for our readers?
We are old enough to realize that we are not wise. We do love rocking, though, and can’t wait to make new friends in Sudbury.

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