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Terra Cain

Sudbury, Ontario
Formed in the early 90's, Terra Cain recorded 3 full length albums during the peak of their career. 1993's "Religious Promiscuity", 1995's "Dead Flowers", which was perhaps the bands most favoured release, and 1998's "Pride". Terra Cain eventually toured all over the US and Canada, and opened for established rock acts such as Def Leopard, Blue Rodeo, Big Sugar, and Wide Mouth Mason. Locally, they were a household name and had a large following of fans who enjoyed a harder edge to their music. When Terra Cain played a show in Sudbury, fans would fill venues craving to hear their hits like "Dead Flowers" and "Stranger". Terra Cain had their songs played frequently on local radio stations as well which really helped build the band a loyal and supportive local fanbase.

Just after the turn of the new millenium, in 2003, vocalist Johnny Williams (aka Johnny Aho) went solo and began writing his own music. He released the album "Colour Me Blue" in 2004 and played live shows periodically.

In 2017, Terra Cain return to the stage with most of the original members to share the stage with the legendary Anvil, performing at the newest live and hard music venue in Sudbury, The Asylum!
Last Known Line Up:
Johnny: Vocals
Pat: Rhythm Guitar
Joey: Drums
Alex: Bass
Cary: Lead Guitar
Original Line Up:
Johnny, Darcy, Alex, Cary and Eric

Terra Cain - Dead Flowers

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