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Swan X Song

Sudbury, Ontario
Swan X Song is an all female darkened rock trio from Sudbury that was formed in 2013. Previously, members of the band originally played in a punk group called Betty Beats Veronica, which was a fairly involved band within the local scene. However, the project went on hiatus/disbanded before they decided to start a new project in the form of Swan X Song, potraying a very different approach to song writing than their previous project.

On January 17th 2014, Swan X Song released their 5 track EP entitled "Red Tide" which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jer Quinlanand. The EP recieved great reviews not only locally but also by those who managed to hear the release. Swan X Song's "Witch-Rock" sound expanded the bands fanbase and the band played several shows supporting the release of "Red Tide".

In 2015, the band went on hiatus again until in 2016 the band announced they would be performing their last show at Sudbury Metal Fest 8, on December 16th, playing alongside other local bands that were reuniting for the occasion including Wolven Ancestry and Before The Black Gates.

Sama- Drums
Stephanie- Guitar/Vocals
Chelsea- Bass

Sudbury's doom rock trio Swan X Song came out of hiatus to perform at Sudbury Metal Fest 8, on December 16th 2016

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