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Sulfur City

Sudbury, Ontario
Alive Records
Like a thick blues-y fog rolling down the Mississippi Delta, Sulfur City's sound envelopes you from the first notes. Led by Lori Paradis and Jesse Lagace, they are a band all about music revival. A blues influenced band that isn't about tribute, that isn't about imitation or even a hint of parody. Sulfur City is about alchemy, blending alternative sounds, traditional blues, choice instrumentation and unique vocals, woven into intricate story telling lyrics. They will make you dance, cry and question your very existence... as the devil temps you to join his side at the crossroads... all in the span of a single song. Featuring Steve Smith on Bass, Sam King on Drums and Keith Breit on Keys expect a night of blues-y diversity and sincere musical passion, from a group of artist true to their craft.

Fronted by singer/electric washboard player Lori Paradis, Canadian band Sulfur City comes roaring out of your speakers with echoes of Grace Slick, Patti Smith and Janis Joplin. This is no wimpy chick rock! Sulfur City is the first female-fronted band on Alive, and their balls-to-thewall, high-energy gritty blues style fits right in with label mates like the Black Keys and Left Lane Cruiser.

Born in a small mining town in North-eastern Ontario, Lori’s lyrics reflect her life experience (she has been a truck driver on a construction crew, a bartender and a house painter among other odd jobs).

“Talking Loud” was recorded at the infamous Gas Station Recording studio by Dale Morningstar (Cowboy Junkies, Neko Case), and features Jesse Lagace (guitar), Steve Smith (bass), Sam King (drums), and Keith Breit (keys).

2017 will see  Sulfur City heading back into the studio for their 2nd studio album. Live-off-the-floor to tape.

“Not too many bands can incorporate all the different sounds that Sulfur City does on this album. This band pretty much stands in a class by itself.” – L.A. EXAMINER (5/5 Stars)

"Sulfur City evoke the hard-charging, uncompromising Murder City garage-punk intensity of Radio Birdman and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, with elements of retro soul, psychedelia, a little funk and a fearlessly populist political sensibility." - NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY


Lori Paradis - Vocals/Electric Washboard
Jesse Lagace - Guitar/ Vocals
Steve Smith - Bass/ Vocals
Sam King - Drums/ Vocals
Keith Breit - Keys
Official Website:

Video for "Kings Highway" by SULFUR CITY

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