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Shit Liver

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Many beers ago... in a bar not too far away, a band began their journey to release their agression and hatred created by their surrounding environment unto the ears of
an audience not unlike themselves, in the form of music. Fast, Loud, Brutal music. Playing several shows around their home town of Sault Ste. Marie and progressively honing their skills as musicians along the way they are now ready to reveal their music to a wider and unknowing audience. With music consisting of fast paced shredding guitar riffs, brutally intricate bass riffs, and plenty of deadly blast beats.
and lyrics consisting of drinking, the problems of society, religion, the environment, and the problem of man in general. All this through the eyes of three drunk assholes..We are Shit Liver
After originally staring in Sault Ste Marie in 2006, the band decided to move down to St Catherines in southern Ontario and moved into a house that has since become infamous. The band has toured Canada several times and is known for putting on intense live shows. Drummer Matt Baic uses hyper speed blasting to compliment the true grindcore sound that Shit Liver has, as well as crust punk and D-Beat elements brought forth by the bands overall approach. A perfect blend of aggression for fans of the crossover!
Josh Penno - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Kyle - Bass/Vocals
Matt Baic - Drums/Vocals

SHIT LIVER - A Long Grinding Road (Full Documentary)

Crust punk grinders SHIT LIVER live in Sudbury at The Asylum. Filmed by Mark Howitt on April 29th 2016

Matt Baic from the crust/grind band Shit Liver is a machine on the kit. Just watch the video to find out for yourself! Filmed by Mark Howitt on

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