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Toronto, Ontario

Kniteforce/KFA recording artist - The creature known as Scartat is not easy to describe. Is he a dark, evil and overly serious artist? Well, somewhat, but really no. OK, so is he someone who just tries to have a laugh? Not exactly. So, how in the hell does one describe him? The easiest way might just be to say “he is a lover of hard and heavy music, but he still understands this sh*t is supposed to be fun.”

He first took to the decks in 2004, with live sets tending to focus on hard drum n bass, but also showcasing all the sounds Scartat loves, from gabber to metal, hip hop to dubstep, breakcore to breaks, and really anything else that grabs his attention. This has earned him a loyal following of masochistic maniacs who have been supporting him for well over a decade.
Shortly after his DJing began to take off, Scartat got the production bug. Starting out making bootleg remixes of his favourite punk and metal tracks, he eventually managed to get into the studio of friends such as Toronto’s Locked and JePh where he was able to see what went into making great music. After a few years, Scartat began to be noticed by free labels, and put out several EPs, including the highly popular Gimme A Scream, as well as several releases under his own free label, Earth Defense Records. Eventually, the legendary Kniteforce/KFA, ran by the infamous Luna-C, took note, and they asked Scartat to join their roster. He obviously agreed, and now spends his time ensuring this legendary rave label continues to be supplied with hard as nails, yet fun as all hell jungle/drum n bass.
What’s next for Scartat? World Domination! Failing that, he’s pretty sure he’s cool just making music for people to get nasty to.

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