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Save The Strange

Sudbury, Ontario
Save The Strange is what some might call the latest "Supergroup" to form in Sudbury, Ontario. Formed in April of 2015, the band features members from many classic and memorable Sudbury bands including Sushi, Weatherly, Backroads, Hyland Drive, Konflit Dramatik, Breaking The Breakdown, Sex & Summer and Sulfur City. Although the band started in 2015, they did not start playing live shows until 2017 after spending some time to craft their music to what they envisioned it to be.
The band has influences from all over the musical spectrum including alternative, punk, emo/screamo, various forms of metal, and offers a fresh perspective on modern "rock" music. A unique aspect about the bands approach is that every member also contributes to the vocals to some degree while playing their instrument. With so many familiar faces in the band, and a varied number of styles among them taken from previous bands and their own personal musical influences, Save The Strange are only just getting started.
In their own words: From dead center North America, we're a band from a city infamous for being utterly destroyed by an asteroid, gutted by modern mining technology and poisoned by decades of acid rain. We managed to survive and bring something other than a disaster to the mix. We're all strange, we're all original but we're alright. We come from a long line of musical backgrounds.
Jimmy Eat World, Boys Night Out, Dead Letter Circus, Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, Everytime I Die, Coheed & Cambria, Refused, White Zombie
Jay Richer - Bassist/Vocalist
Brennan Chislett - Drummer/Vocalist
Nathan Courtemanche - Guitarist/Vocalist
Patrick Dalla Vicenza - Guitarist/Vocalist

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Save The Strange is what some might call the latest "Supergroup" to form in Sudbury, Ontario.

Sudbury Spotlight Series #1 - An Interview With Save The Strange

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