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Montreal, Quebec
Since the creation of the band in 2005 by Patrick Martin and Maxime Cormier, Reanimator dug an important place in the Quebec Metal scene. Offering an incendiary Thrash Metal dotted with old-school and new school element, these guys are ready to kick some asses.

With their first album ''Thrashin' The Neighborhood’’ on Galy Records in 2007 the group established venomous stage appearances, which left no fan indifferent. Touring Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, they finally came up with their first full length album called ''Ignorance Is No Excuse'' in 2009, which will let them perform next to bands like Municipal Waste, Exodus, Martyr, Quo Vadis, Cauldron, Aggressor, Brutal Truth, Macabre, Neuraxis, Augury, Soothsayer, Cryptopsy etc.. After nearly an hundred shows, the band split in 2011... to finally come back in force in 2013 with a new line-up and a new EP entitled ''Great Balls''. That new formation is now formed by Patrick Martin (vocals) and Francis Labelle (drums), both original members of the band. With the addition of the frenetic playing of Fred Bizier on bass and the furious energy of Joel Racine and Ludovic Bastien shredding the guitars, Reanimator became stronger than ever and are already writing the next full-length album ... In the meantime, join us at a show in your city and get ready for a real Thrash N’ Roll atmosphere!

Patrick Martin - Vocals
Ludovic Bastien - Guitar
Francis Labelle - Drums
Fred Bizier - Bass
Joel Racine - Guitar
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Official video for "Rush For The Mosh" by REANIMATOR

ReAnimator live in Sudbury, Ontario at The Asylum on Thursday May 6th 2016. Filmed by Mark Howitt.

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