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Toronto, Ontario
Formed in 2010 under the name "Sound Effex," founding members Jonathan Lyte and Mikhail Castro, along with high school friend Kevin Baybayan decided that they would play music together in the music room of their educational facility. After realizing that their moniker and song choices were outside their realm of interest, it came time to change them both.

In 2012, now under the name “Dysfoleum” (don’t ask why/what this meant), the trio began exploring punk rock. The band found it’s footing in bands like Green Day and blink-182 (literally, this phase of the band covered every single one of their songs), eventually recording a 5 song EP that ended up being a clear rip-off of the 90s pop-punk movement. This would be the only legacy left behind by Dysfoleum before changing direction and band name once more.

At the end of 2012, the band parted ways with their bass player Kevin and recruited long time stalker Liam Lachmansingh, also Jonathan’s brother. Still a trio, the band continued to cover the likes of blink-182, Sum 41, and Green Day, and continued writing cliche 3-chord pop-punk anthems.

Much to their surprise, Green Day, blink-182, and the 90s phase of pop-punk eventually started to lose it's lustre. April 3rd, 2013 changed the course of the band and their lives forever. It was on this day that they listened to their first actual punk album – NOFX’s “War on Errorism”, an album that would introduce all 3 members to a new side of music. A few more albums and cover songs later, “Pseudo” was born.

A long period (2 years) of maturity and new musical interests found the group playing more evolved styles of music (with more than 3 chords), drawing influence from the likes of Propagandhi, The Flatliners, Rise Against, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, NOFX, and Against Me! – to name a few.

Pseudo has recorded 1 studio EP, 2 independently recorded and produced EPs, and 1 studio single. After many songs and a recent push into Toronto's music scene, Pseudo has claimed their hardcore punk sound while balancing it with pop-punk and progressive elements to create a well-rounded power band that knows no limits to creativity, spunk, rhythm, and style.


Mikhail - Drums
Jonathan - Guitar, Vocals
Liam - Bass, Vocals

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