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Hamilton, Ontario
Fusing the speed and aggression of thrash metal with the hooks and power of melodic death metal, Profaner deliver a ferocious and entertaining live show, which is backed up by their first full length release "Signs of Nine", and an upcoming album (expected release is Fall).

In 2008, Profaner was formed from members of minor local bands like Nexus, Lucifuge,and Elwood Blatch. Through their travels they have shared the stage with respected metal acts such as Kataklysm, Into Eternity, Kalmah, The Agonist, and Atheist. The band line up as of 2016 consists of Jason Crook on the guitar and backup vocals, Anthony "Tooty" Tuttolomondo on lead vocals, Rusty on bass, Pat Rogers on guitar and Craig Piggott on drums.

1st Place Winners of the Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2016
2nd Place for Wacken Metal Battle Worldwide 2016
Jason Crook - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Anthony "Tooty" Tuttolomondo - Vocals
Rusty - Bass
Pat Rogers - Guitar
Craig Piggott - Drums


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Wacken Metal Battle 2016 Canada winners Profaner performing live at The Asylum for Sudbury Metal Fest 8 on December 18th 2016. Filmed by Trevor Heise.

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