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Pimp Bizkit

Montreal, Quebec
Xtrem Productions
Pimp Bizkit is a Montreal based Limp Bizkit tribute band which was formed in 2013. Featuring members of Montreal bands such as The Naked High, Chainsaw Armageddon, Bookakee, Pronostic, Elderoth, Abort The Child, The Rough Gentleman, as well as Montreal tributes Cypress Chill and Porn, the band is known for their incredible likeliness to the sound of the original band as well as their high octane live performances.

The band plays on Limp Bizkit's hip hop influence and has featured special guests that appeared on Limp Bizkit songs, like LolWayne and Methead Man as tributes to the original rappers. A drawing factor of the band is also their incorporation of humor into their live presentations, and they have been actively playing shows and winning over audiences in their home province of Quebec and in Eastern Canada.

Nookie...and Limp Bizkit
Vocals/Mo Hodroj as Fred Durst
Guitar/Collin McGee as Wes Borland
Bass/Mat Paré as Sam Rivers
Drums/Charlie Cayouette & Philippe Deslauriers as John Otto
DJ/Lavie as DJ Lethal

Occasional Features:LolWayne & Methead Man

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