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Patrick Yasko

Sudbury, Ontario

Patrick Yasko is a guitarist, musician, teacher and bandleader. He can be hired as a session/collaborative guitarist, performer and private instructor.

Patrick, born in Sudbury October 17th 1996 is a bilingual performer and teacher in Northern Ontario. He performs avidly as classical soloist and has played electric guitar for a number of country and rock groups in Sudbury. He currently teaches guitar and bass privately at Music-Al Studio and in Sudbury and is always seeking new students beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Aside from the groups he is currently committed too, such as The Radissons, Ice Breaker, CMRB House Band, and more, he has collaborated with many other artists around Sudbury. He often serves as a lead guitarist for upcoming singer-songwriter Natalie Crispo. He also plays guitar for singer-songwriter Alain Therrien and has performed with Celine Tellier and Maurice Berthiaume's KANATA Productions.

He has recently been collaborating with the Baladi National Baladi Dance School dancers Rachelle Connors and many of her students, performing such styles as Spanish Dance, Gypsy as well as Baladi(belly dance).

​As well as performing, Patrick is part of a number of committees and organizations. He is most invested in Café Musique Rayside Balfour(CMRB) where he serves as a member of the Executive Board of Directors. He is also a committee member of the Sudbury Guitar Society. He has also served as a judge in the Valley East Days Battle of the Bands alongside some of Sudbury's top musicians.
Patrick is currently completing a performance diploma at Cambrian College as a classical guitar Major under Dr. Matthew Gould. He has performed in masterclasses for Pavel Steidl, Carlo Marchionne, Ekachai Jerakul, Robert Bekkers, Jacob Bangso and more.

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