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Hamilton, Ontario
Pantychrist formed in 2003 after the chance encounter of four women in a ladies washroom. Often imitated, no one would dare try to duplicate, these Hamilton, Canada bad girls have been making a stir since they first hit the scene and the tremors soon spread to other cities. The group capitalized on the growing buzz by issuing their Never Love Anything cd worldwide on AMP Records in 2005. It achieved international notoriety for it's combination of fast punk blasts interlaced with catchy melodies and straight to the point lyrics. A documentary / performance dvd entitled Skirting With Disaster was subsequently released in 2006.

Since their inception Pantychrist have went through member changes and periods of inactivity, but have a growing catalogue of recorded output. 2011's Break It Down cd (D.O.R. Records) was a compilation of rare and out of print material taken from ShEPeed (2004), Demolition Dirty (2005), Never Love Anything (2005), Pantychrist (2007), Girls Next Door (2011) plus comp tracks and unreleased demos from 2010 and 2011.

The band released the track "No Gods No Masters" on the 'Assault And Battery: A Benefit For Bat World Sanctuary' compilation in early 2014. The song was one of the most downloaded of the 45 bands contributing to the compilation and the track appeared on radio and podcast year end Top 10 lists. The following year Pantychrist released a version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" on Cleopatra Records 'Riot Grrrl Christmas' compilation which was the lead off track on the album.

Pantychrist have been playing select shows and are presently recording the tracks for their eagerly anticipated new album. The 2017 touring lineup consists of vocalist Danyell DeVille, guitarist Emma-O, bassist Lexxi La Roux and drummer Emma Sunstrum.

L7, Devotchkas, Bikini Kill, Dayglo Abortions, DOA, Lunachicks, GG Allin, Forgotten Rebels
Danyell DeVille: Diabolical Screaming,
Emma-O: Six String Armageddon
Jen O'Cyde: Subsonic Devastation,
Emma Sunstrum: Infernal Pounding
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