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Vancouver, British Columbia
“I am so scared of this…but that’s good.” – Bob Ezrin (Producer: KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Kansas, PHISH, Deftones, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple + Co-Founder of Nimbus School of Recording and Media in Vancouver)
A progressive fusion of influences ranging from metal, hardcore, reggae, ska and surf define the craft of Ninjaspy. Ninjaspy uses everything they have in their creative arsenal to make music that moves people. Music that is inventive, unfettered by ego­driven posturing or attempts at conformity to social or stylistic norms. Music that attacks and recoils combining violence with peace. Music that allows both silly and serious to interweave.

Music that breaks down the imaginary barriers between mind, body and spirit, reuniting people with themselves in moments of pure freedom. Freedom in which one can laugh, cry, dance, puke, scream, unleash, let go, be, live, survive.

It began in 1999 with three brothers. Joel, Adam, and Tim Parent, (the Triad in Blood) at the ages of 15, 13 and 11 respectively, came to the end of the century with distinctly different musical preferences despite a lifetime of proximity. Being so diverse in influence and having a youthful disregard for genre rules, they proceeded to write whatever naturally came to them. Over seven years they experimented with ska, grunge, hardcore, metal, reggae, funk, surf and jazz and eventually became Ninjaspy in 2006.

Ninjaspy picked up momentum, playing relentlessly in their hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and touring several times across their vast country. They indulged heavily in both silliness and seriousness, and often left audiences aghast, reeling in disbelief of what they had just witnessed. Just as the tactics of the ninja were either scorned or revered, Ninjaspy evoked both disgust and admiration, sometimes from a single individual. But in correlation with a commitment to real and reciprocal human connection and zero­ego, high­energy, fun­filled, free­expression dance pit parties, support for Ninjaspy grew.

Alongside prolific producers GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, RHCP, Mudvayne, Gallows) and Ben Kaplan (Atreyu, Haste the Day, Shakira), Ninjaspy released their debut album πature (Pi Nature) in the fall of 2007. The album let bloody surprise and spontaneity spill and soak the ground beneath one's dancing feet, ground that also held firm the belief and conviction in the music. From start to finish one scarcely knew what to expect. From downbeat to breakdown, reggae, hardcore, and much more were forcibly wed. Tracks like the spastic "Defecating On What's Left Of Our Child", the anthemic "Hit By A Cement Mixer", the haunting "Pure Sketch" and the energetic "Evolution Of The Skid" made Pi Nature feel like a ballistic guided nature tour through ninja infested forests.

The band went on to do many headlining Canadian tours, appear on The Warped Tour and Taste Of Chaos festivals, and share the stage with many bands such as Periphery, Twelve Foot Ninja, Protest the Hero, Coheed & Cambria, Thursday, Cancer Bats, Death By Stereo, 3 Inches of Blood, Today Is The Day, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Brutal Truth, Divinity, Bring Me The Horizon, Neuraxis, Pierce The Veil, Powerman 5000, Grimskunk, The Dreadnoughts & more. The band also toured Japan with Death By Stereo.

Since then the band has been working hard and touring extensively, performing their unique blend of progressive metal fusion which has gained the band significant fan support. In 2017, the band is set to release their highly anticipated album "Spuken" aligned with a Cross-Canadian tour to support their latest creation.
Strapping Young Lad, Mr. Bungle, Dillinger Escape Plan, System of a Down, Gojira
Joel Parent
Adam Parent
Tim Parent
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“I am so scared of this…but that’s good.” – Bob Ezrin (Producer: KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, PHISH, Deftones, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple)

Official video for "Speak" by NINJASPY

Official video for "Azaria" (Acoustic Version) by NINJASPY

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