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Fredericton, New Brunswick

Motherhood is an art-rock band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Since their formation in 2010, they have released 3 EP's and two full-length album. Motherhood is passionate about maintaining and growing the culture scene in their hometown. They are one of two founding bands of the Shifty Bits Cult, a not-for-profit organization that curates events in Fredericton (most notably the annual Shifty Bits Circus). Motherhood is currently promoting their latest album, "Baby Teeth".

“Unbeknownst to Motherhood, they were the start of my rock and roll salvation; I'd reached a point where the only music I listened to was Rod Stewart's first solo album. It's a great record, but I wasn't in a good place musically. Chris Thompson made me go see them, and I loved them; I needed to see the passion again, and they were so damn cute. Now, some four plus years later, that I find myself party to what's under the hood of The Mums it's even more exciting and inspiring. Amazing people making amazing music to shake both your ass and your fist to! I love them.”

- Peter Rowan, Co-Founder of Halifax Pop Explosion and Pop Montreal, Founder of Greville Tapes Music Club

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Members of New Brunswick bands Little You, Little Me and Motherhood have a wealth of different projects on the go, running arts collectives, record labels, music festivals, studios and recording projects. Amidst all this, the two groups will find time to hit the road on tour together with a cross-Canada trek.

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