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Moon Tan

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Energetic, Funky, Rock n’ Roll

These are a just few elements that have forged together to create a unique yet very familiar sound, one that is cleverly harnessed by Winnipeg’s newest power trio known as Moon Tan.

Initially drawn together as a cover band, it wasn’t long before the group discovered their natural talent for creating catchy melodies and grooves. The trio –consisting of drummer Nicholas Kula, Guitarist Brady Mitchell and Bassist Adrian Dyer– soon amassed a large catalogue of instrumental material, but this music demanded a voice.  After hunting throughout the city in search of a front man, Adrian decided to take the torch and undergo vigorous vocal training. The group hasn’t looked back since.

Very active in Winnipeg’s nightlife scene, Moon Tan never fails to turn heads during their dynamic live performances. What truly makes this sound unique is the technical expertise intertwined in their eclectic and electric sets. With funky, driving bass lines that lift you from your seats, beastly-intricate drum beats that draw you to the dance floor, piercing vocals and soaring-melodic guitar licks cleverly woven into the mix, this power trio packs a punch. “We enjoy dabbling in unconventional time signatures while still maintaining a common sound ground with our audience,” says front man Adrian Dyer. “Whether you’re into dance tunes or math rock, we’ll have a little something to catch your ear.”  This is evident on Moon Tan’s track “Medieval Dance”, which lures you in as it transforms from a dance pop number into a psychedelic, jazzy breakdown, and then ties back neatly together at the end.

The group released their self-titled debut EP November of 2013 under the guidance of Ron “Obvious” Vermeulen, a pioneer in the recording industry.  Ron’s experience was honed during the emergence of punk in the 80’s, working with Loverboy and constructing several recording studios, including “The Warehouse Studio” for Bryan Adams. Ron was keen to bring the uniqueness of the band’s sound to the studio, and has since collaborated with Moon Tan on the production of a live performance video “The Cure”.

Moon Tan followed up the release of the EP with a thematic video around “Medieval Dance” and then worked the local Winnipeg scene during the winter of 2014 before launching their Western Canadian Tour in June. Never to rest on past work, Kula, Mitchell and Dyer launched their album "New Age Renegade" on Feb.6th, 2015, booking and executing four Western Canadian tours to promote the album and various video releases. The trio were recorded and produced by Dale Penner of Paradise Alley Studios, known for his work with Nickleback, Matthew Good Band and Take Me To The Pilot.

“Our sound reaches back to the roots of Rock and Roll, but infuses it with new creative influences,” says Adrian Dyer. “We strive to make Moon Tan not only a great live band, but also an experience.” The band takes its cue from the energy of our fans.” If the rave reviews Moon Tan received from past live performances is any measure, new audiences will drive this band to even greater heights.

"Winners of the 2016 Canadian Indie Music Week"

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