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Lung Flower

Vancouver, British Columbia

Lung Flower is a Vancouver hard rock band with equal parts grunge, stoner rock, alternative, metal, and doom elements. Captivating audiences with this unique blend of music, Lung Flower has been known to whip up a dormant crowd into a furious frenzy which leaves them pounding their fists and smashing into each other in a chaotic blur that can't be described, only experienced. A Lung Flower show is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Now with a more heavier and dynamic sound, and with the release of their new EP "Death On The Crowsnest", Lung Flower is ready to take the scene on a ride through hell and back. Make sure to catch a Lung Flower show near you.

Lung Flower; are Vancouvers own beer swillin, bud trimming, hangover nursing hard rockers. Fighting for the dying art, keeping the sabbath dream alive. Stoner rock, metal, and grunge come together to form a nice hybrid of the old and new skools, and is sure to take listeners to a higher level.

Lung Lower is:
Marcus Salem - Rhythm Guitar
Kyle Arellano - Bass
Tyler Mayfield - Vocals
Roger Valdez- Drums

Stoner rockers Lung Flower performing live in Sudbury, Ontario at The Asylum on May 4th 2016. Filmed by Mark Howitt

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