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Toronto, Ontario


Loyalist is a five piece melodic/metalcore group from Toronto, Canada.

The current band consists of Michael Cutway (Vocals), Adrian Hawryschuk (Guitar/Vocals), Connor Robinson (Guitar), Liam Frith (Bass) and Alex Simmill (Drums).

The roots of the band were based upon the concept of showcasing two guitarists, Adrian Hawryschuk and Connor Robinson. The pair began writing material and commenced pre-production recording, which transitioned into the ‘Train Tracks’ EP. With the groundwork of the EP laid out, the duo began to flesh out Loyalist by acquiring a bassist (Flavio Branco) as well as a drummer (Glen McClue). Over the course of several months, Loyalist worked diligently to define their sound and rehearsed relentlessly while subsequently auditioning for the role of vocalist. After an exhaustive search, the band welcomed both Mike Cutway and Jack Balaga to the band roster, leading directly to studio time with none other than Doug Meadows of Horizons fame. Their debut EP “Train Tracks” was born shortly after.

Despite their accomplishments, Loyalist felt a change in roster was necessary, welcoming Alex Simmill on drums. Jack maintained his vocal presence while simultaneously stepping up to play bass. Loyalist, now a dynamic five-piece outfit, released their newest single “Taken From” on April 11th, 2014, off of their second EP entitled, "The Bigger Picture". Released August 29th, 2014, "The Bigger Picture" paved the way for a whirlwind year of shows across Canada.

Both EPs are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay and Bandcamp. The music video for “Taken From” is also available on Youtube.

Keep your eye on Loyalist, new music hits the scene in early 2016.

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