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Lab Coast

Calgary, Alberta
Wyatt Records
Since 2008, Lab Coast has been delivering hazy bursts of hook-laden guitar pop via a string of critically-acclaimed, award-winning albums, EPs, and singles. From their basement studio in Calgary, Alberta, the songwriting team of singer David Laing & multi-instrumentalist Chris Dadge (Chad VanGaalen, Bug Incision, Samantha Savage Smith) carve out detailed analog productions; these recordings draw from the wealth of instruments that friends leave at the Lab Coast practice space, and the ever-evolving recording techniques that they've been honing since day one. Their home-brewed recordings sit in the tradition of DIY-recorders such as Strapping Fieldhands, early Guided By Voices, and R. Stevie Moore, while the songs themselves recall the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, and The La's. Onstage, these richly textured pieces are ably brought to life by Sammie Smith (aka Samantha Savage Smith), Henry Hsieh (Cold Water, Crack Cloud), and Darrell Hartsook (Prenup, Sissys).

Remember The Moon, the band's latest offering, picks up right where they left off on their previous release Walking On Ayr. That record – issued by the venerable and sadly-missed Mammoth Cave Records, and voted “Best Album of the Year” by FFWD Weekly – endeared itself to listeners with its compact, tightly-wound strings of melody, bustling rhythms, and Laing's understated crooning and strangely-abstract-yet-poignant lyrics. Remember The Moon ups the game on a number of levels: a studio upgrades have resulted in a new punch and clarity, while the productions themselves have become more ambitious in scope, incorporating FX-drenched guitars, rubbery bass parts, cello, violin, hybrid sampled/live drum parts, pitch-shifted percussion, sax, banjo, and organ.

And the duo's songs have never been stronger: from the breezy, melancholy-tinged standout “Bored Again” to the rollicking shorty “Remember The Moon Jr” all the way down to the synth & sax reveries of instrumental “James' Son” – boasting Laing's recorded debut on guitar – Remember The Moon is teeming with top-shelf material. The new album also features the the recorded debut of the full band lineup on live favourite “Run Out” – a track that also gets a guest engineering assist from former member (and Preoccupations guitarist) Scott Munro. Upon its release, the Toronto Star gushed that “Lab Coast has grown so good at making a certain species of scuffed-up, small-scale psych-pop that the rest of Canada really no longer has any excuse not to pay attention.”

Remember The Moon is out now on LP, CD, and digital formats from Wyatt Records.

Chris Dadge (drums, vocals)
Darrell Hartsook (bass)
Henry Hsieh (guitar)
Sammie Smith (guitar)
David Laing (vocals)
Official Website:

Official video for "Back To Your Future" by LAB COAST

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