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Jar Of Dirt

Sudbury, Ontario

JÅR ØF DÏRT ~*~ TRÏBÛTË TØ ~*~ ÅŁÏÇË ÏÑ ČHÅÎÑŚ ~ Jar of Dirt is a tribute band to Alice in Chains. Our name compliments the following albums: ~ “Dirt” Released & Reception, September 29th,1992 ~ ~ “Jar of Flies” Released & Reception, January 25th, 1994 ~ Daniel Beaupre & Bryon Harrison, started this duo in their garage, later picking up a bass guitarist ~ Curtis Hannon” & drummer ~ Philip Poulin. This band has been going strong for 2 years, & shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. All band members agree, when stating “We love doing, what we do best, PLAYING MUSIC!.” Bryon Harrison ~ Lead Vocalist, Guitarist ~ (Layne Staley) ~ Bryon is more than just your typical man. He is mysterious, wide colourful musician who has a passion for music. Bryon found his true calling and love for the entertainment/music industry. Singing and performing in school chorus, later picking up his first guitar at the age of 16. Bryon is a must see reincarnated entertainer through and through, sounding and looking like the late Layne Staley. Daniel Beaupre ~ Lead Guitarist, Backing & Co-Lead Vocalist ~ (Jerry Cantrell) ~ Dan is a dedicated, hard worker, warm, hearted man. Who is a diehard fan of Alice in Chains, following his path of a soulful music entertainer. Playing for the fans and lovers of Alice in Chains. Dan never disappoints with his magic fingered solo’s and head banging, born to rock your heart out. Curtis Hannon ~ Bassist Guitar, Backup Vocals ~ (Mike Starr) ~ Curt is best known as the original bassist in Jar Of Dirt. A man who is looked up to and respected from his fellow band members, friends and family. Curts interest in music started at a early age. His love and inspiration of music directed him in a way to writing his own original music on the side. Hes a very dedicated, dependable, great, caring guy inside and out. Curtis’s energy on and off the stage is electric, he sends vibes to his fans having them begging for more! ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! Philip Poulin ~ Drummer & Percussion ~ (Sean Kinney) ~ Phil was influenced and inspired by his brother at a young age of 9. Philip got his first drum kit set at the age of 16. Philip has a past history in singing, playing guitar and writing original music. Phils best known as “The Naked Drummer”. Although he wears shorts on stage, this sockless animal can really put on a show.playing hard and never missing a beat. Phil is an animal behind his kit, watch him closely as hes twirling his sticks that bring down the big “BOOM”. We would like to take a moment and send out a huge.. Thank You! for this great opportunity and reconizing, and attracting all ages of live Local talent, of tribute bands and originals. We would like to thank our fans, friends and Family through this great journey. Without all of you, this would not have been possible. Thank you for your time and consideration everyone. We love you all! Let’s keep Rock and Roll Alive! Hope to see everyone soon! Be safe to arrive alive and don’t drink and drive. Always remember to keep Rocking. \m/\m/ Sincerely, Your, Jar of Dirt

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