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Forsaken Rite

Edmonton, Alberta
Forged in the northern plains of Canada in the city of Edmonton, Alberta on October of the year 2012, Forsaken Rite had emerged. As far as the mountains of the west and the frost bitten plains of the east they at last came together to birth the warparty in its infancy. Though small in number they used the inspirations they had all brought from their pasts to form a sound unlike any they had done before. It was not long before companions came forth to join their cause, and at long last a lineup was formed. Drawing from the lands of the North and their ancestry, they brought forth tales of battle, glory, adventure, dangerous beasts, hearty drinks and jovial times. After many seasons of change, struggle, and friends come and gone, Forsaken Rite was ready to take the land by storm.

Our warparty marches on the northern lands and beyond in search of adventure and glory. Venue by venue, and city by city we crusade to bring forth and share with the world the music that we love so. No genre can truly invoke the same raw emotion, the comradeship, the unity, the mirthfulness or the wonderment that Folk Metal can.

We strive for honour in the heat of battle of every show, we strive for the reverence of our ancestors, for the best of times with friends and fans, for harmony with the natural world. We strive to make a name for ourselves and the music we hold dear, to be remembered as we remember those who inspire us, to show the world that there is beauty and power in the ways of old, and to herald the wondrous and magnificent realms of history, nature, mythology and fantasy.

We are Forsaken Rite, and we invite you to join us in our adventure.

Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Eluveite, Amon Amarth
Archon - Warmaster and Battlechanter (Lead Vocals)
Adaria - Swordmaiden and Conjuress of the Thunder of War (Drums)
Eskaton - Battle Priest and Solomaster (Guitars)
Sevi - Druidess of the Wild and Enchantress (Accordion)
Sorkhon Sharr - Basslord and Rhythmdriver (Bass Guitar)
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