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Eradikal Insane

Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte

Eradikal Insane is a French death metal band that formed in Marseille, France, in November 2004, when guitarists and brothers Nicolas and Florian Escoffier joined together to play extreme music. In their 11-year existence, Eradikal Insane has released 1 studio album, 1 EP, 3 demos and performed over 70 concerts in France, Russia, Luxembourg and Canada. Their first full-length, ‘Mithra’ was released in September 2015.

In the early days, the band mainly focused on playing live and supporting bands including As We Fight, Mumakil, Slit and Svart Crown. The band rapidly gained recognition among the local scene, but experienced many line-up changes. In 2007, R took drum duties, solidifying the line-up until today. In 2008, the second demo, ‘Deathcore United’ was released, followed by the arrival of vocalist Jtrom, and by even more persistent slots alongside bands such as Darkness Dynamite, NSBS, and Destinity.
In April 2011, Eradikal Insane released their first EP, ‘The Dementia Process’, recorded at Hyperion Studios in Marseille, which received positive reviews from both French and international webzines.

However, despite playing alongside bands such as Klone, The Arrs, Recueil Morbide and Atlantis Chronicles, Eradikal Insane were ready to finalise their first full-length, and started recording with Thomas Tiberi (ex-Sonny Red) at Freaky Dog Studios in January of 2014. Later that year the band embarked on their first headlining tour in Russia and another tour in France during May of 2015, which included shows in Paris and Luxembourg.

Their long-awaited first full-length baptized ‘Mithra’ was released in September 2015 and features guest vocals of Sven De Caluwé (Aborted), Julien Truchan (Benighted) and Triv (Kronos). Right after, the band flew to Canada for a 10-days tour with Montréal-based Shape The Above and shared the stage with Brought By Pain (members of Beyond Creation) amongst others. Back from tour and with a crushing album in hand, Eradikal Insane is already working on new material and currently looking for a label.

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France deathcore band Eradikal Insane starting a wall of death in Sudbury at The Asylum, September 12th 2015

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