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Empyrean Plague

North Bay, Ontario

The second black metal band from North Bay, Ontario, after Vanquished. Together with Vanquished they founded NOBM (Northern Ontario Black Metal). Melodic Black Metal from the 46th Parallel.

In 2002, Empyrean Plague began to take form in the vast forests of the Canadian North. Influenced by the harsh northern winters, founding members and guitarists Mike Burge and Rob McGrath, began crafting their ruthless, yet melodious sound. Soon after, they sought out others of like mind, enlisting drummer Tyler Chartrand and recruiting bassist Dertah (Vanquished) to begin work on their first demo.

In late 2003 they began recording for their debut full length album and set forth "Conquering the Elements". The album showcased the bands roots Black Metal with raw production and with doom and folk influences.

During 2008, Empyrean Plague recorded their second full length release "Ancestral Embers Shall Burn". After hearing the songs live, label Archaic North Entertainment became interested in working with the band and they entered Sardonic Moon Studios. The album was released on March 1st 2009.

The band kept busy performing live shows in Ontario and Quebec and in 2011 hit the studio to record their second album through Archaic North Entertainment entitled "Imprint Evidence Destiny". In 2012, a couple of long time members, Dave Strba and Tyler Chartrand left the band to pursue other interests and Kyle Tayler moved from bass to guitar. Kye Bell, drummer for the band Sign of the Raven, joined on bass and Liam Ahola took over the drums. The band re-released Imprint Evidence Destiny in 2016 independently in a remixed version of the album.


- Empyrean Plague/Dertah (Released:2003 - split)

- Conquering The Elements (Released:2004 - full length)

- Sheathed in Hate (Released:2005 - promo)

- Ancestral Embers Shall Burn (Released:2009 - full length)

- Imprint Evidence Destiny (Released:2011 - full length)

- Imprint Evidence Destiny (Remixed) (Re-Released:2016 - full length)

......Former Members......

Tyler Chartrand - Drums
Dave Strba - Guitar
Rob Mcgrath-Guitar(2002-2007)..
Chris Ray-Bass (Dertah/Empyrean Plague Split)..
Composer (Intro on Conquering the Elements)..
Thom Mitchell - Keyboards (Dertah/Empyrean Plague Split)

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