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Sudbury, Ontario
Dyme is a Sudbury, Ontario based rapper/producer/engineer. Rashawan Trone A.K.A. Dyme is a fifteen year veteran as an Audio Engineer, Producer and Songwriter. Having produced, recorded, performed, written, and engineered 6 albums for multiple emerging artists, Rashawan found his purpose had been lost in the process. Now after a much needed break to focus on family, he has returned with a new outlook on his music.

" I felt like I lost my passion to create, But now I know who I am, and what I stand for." says Rashawan. With a new album release "Spiritual Warfare", he is one artist you want to take note of.

Rashawan is already in the production phase of his next project Mr. Trone (Grown Folk Music) he also has multiple endeavors underway such as a clothing line video production, to 3d animation and game development.

Quote from Dyme: "My Main philosophy in life has always been " What good is wealth if you have no one to share it with? I would much rather have One room and share that room with the people I love and cherish, than to have Ten rooms in my house and have nothing of real value in them. Thank you to all who have supported me, who have been honest with me, and to those who haven't, I thank you as well. You are the reason I push harder to improve with every song."

Rashawan, The owner of MOVA Productions a Canadian based production company. Specializes in instrumental arrangements and audio engineering in all forms. MOVA also manufactures and produces everything from music and clothing to special effects for video and game development. MOVA is more than a brand its a Lifestyle.

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