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Dragged In

Toronto, Ontario
DRAGGED IN is a 5 piece hardcore band from Toronto, ON. The group is comprised of former and current members of Toronto punk and hardcore heartthrobs such as Brutal Youth, End Program, and Deadmouth. The fusion of styles and experiences has forged a distinguishing blend of hardcore punk, stoner metal, and thrash riffs with snarly and biting vocals. The lyrics focus primarily on the struggles to find sense and purpose within the light and dark sides of everyday life.

Dragged In released EP1 on January 14th , 2016, and shortly thereafter it was featured on the January 17th episode of CIUT’s Equalizing Distort. In their brief but exciting history, they have played at Pouzza Fest in Montreal, 44 Fest in Toronto, and have a number of bookings throughout the remainder of the year across Ontario, and Quebec. The band has shared the stage with Sick of it All, Madball, Lionheart, Vision of Disorder, Wisdom in Chains, Walls of Jericho, The Old Firm Casuals, PEARS the Band, and have some very exciting announcements in the near future.

The bands albums showcase a focused sound, and a refreshing representation of contemporary hardcore punk in Canada.

Sick of it All, Wisdom in Chains, The Old Firm Casuals, D.R.I., Mansbridge,The Rebel Spell, The Dayglo Abortions, SNFU, Pears, Raised Fist, Minor Threat, Last Imprint, Brutal Youth, End Program, School Damage
Bass - Dave
Drums - Bruce
Guitar - Ryan
Words - Patty
Guitar - Marty

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