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Ottawa, Ontario

Deamon was formed in the summer of 1997.. In 1999 the band recorded the 4-song MCD "End of Ages" which was very well received throughout the underground. In 2000 the band recorded the song Hells Bells for an AC/DC tribute album on Dwell records, which they followed with an appearance at the Milwaukee Metalfest in 2001..The first full length CD "Synopsis Of Sin" was recorded in the fall of 2002. "Synopsis Of Sin"was released in the spring of 2003..Deamon began its live assault playing many shows across Ontario and Quebec,including sharing the stage with the likes of Cryptopsy,Deeds of Flesh, Severed Savior,Immolation,Decapitated & Skinless. In the spring of 2005 Deamon recorded a new disc entitled "Descend Dethrone" showcasing the most brutal songwriting so far from the band.This disc was released on March 8th 2006 on CDN Records. In late 2006 early 2007 Deamon plays shows with Decapitated,Skinless,Martyr,Augury,Krisiun,Belphegor,Cryptopsy.Malignancy. In 2008 Deamon tours Eastern Canada with Incantation, a tour booked by Sudbury based Archaic North Entertainment. After a hiatus and change of some members, Deamon works on new material for Condemned To Darkness. The albums original vocals and lyrics were written and recorded in 2010 by Wolven Ancestry/Fleshcraft vocalist Mark Howitt, owner of the Asylum in Sudbury and Archaic North Entertainment. Due to location issues, the band decides to re-record the album with a local vocalist and the album is released in 2013 through CDN Records.  In 2015 the band plays at Sudbury Metal Fest 7 and played some shows around Ontario with their new line up.

RON MCLEAN - Guitar /
MIKE CHAMBERS - Guitar/Vocals


JAY TOBIN - Vocals

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Sudbury Metal Fest, Northern Ontario's premier extreme music festival returns for its seventh year supporting Canadian metal with 36 bands from across the country, along with showcasing international talent that includes Negura Bunget and Grimegod from Romania, plus Dyanfari from Iceland.

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