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Crone Of War

Sudbury, Ontario

Joe and Craig were introduced by a fellow friend and guitar player named Gary Desormeaux, who also co-wrote 4 of the 10 tracks on "Beneath Grey Skies". At this point the band went through 2 name changes, Having an opportunity to open for Anvil, they quickly named themselves Death Ryder. After some thought, they later became Kronawar. Three of these songs are massively reworked versions of Gary's and Craig's former band "Misfire" from the 2006-2008 era. Joe, Gary and Craig tried many drummers and eventually Joe met Dylan while shopping for Auto Parts. Dylan auditioned and was an instant match. This line up only played one show together. Gary eventually left the band and focused on his family and shortly thereafter, Dylan pointed out the similarities between Kronawar and another band name... Thus on January 31st, 2015, Craig Moggy, Joe Greco and Dylan Nantais became Crone of War.

Since 2015, Crone of War has won Q92's Rock Band Rumble, opened for the punk rock puppet show Green Jelly, as well as Ottawa based Biipiigwan & Finland's Kalmah. Recently they also opened up for Act of Defiance. They also played the main stage at Sudbury Metal Fest 7. These are just to name a few of their performances. 2016 is here, the album is ready... Time to do it all over again!

Crone of war is a three piece metal band, based out of the northern regions of Ontario.
With twelve originals already on the playlist, an album already under their belt and another in the works, these guys are working hard towards adding some new sounds for all of those who share in their metal passion.
Their debut album, "Beneath Grey Skies" is out on CD and available in digital download. Take the time to check us out online at and download your copy today. If you prefer the CD version, purchase the digital and we will mail you a CD copy, please message us and let us know on our website. We are looking to push the Crone of War machine to it's limits. If you want to see us live in your area, let us know.
Before i go on any further, i would like to introduce you to this tight band of metal brothers.
Joe Greco - Joe is a guitar shredding machine. Previously he also played in a metal band called "Black Friday" which won the 2010 Q92 Rock Band Rumble thanks to his writing contribution and rhythm techniques.
Joe has a powerful presence himself but musically also presents you with a wall of sound that will knock you off your feet, producing some of the heaviest riffs and leads, If ever given the chance, don’t forget to ask about his Dime Bag dive bombs (something about flicking boogers and F-bombs). Since Joe picked up the guitar at 18, he has never looked back.

Craig Moggy - Craig has a voice chalked full of gruff and yet clarity when needed, and a hard core love for bass in all it's playable formats. Craig's speed and versatility impresses and when your not expecting it, he'll throw in something melodic. He has mastered the art of separating the voice from the fingers giving you some slick playing while letting his lyrics fly. He grew up in Sudbury yet spent 5 years in London Ontario in a Funk Fusion band called "Baked in Pi". He started playing bass at the age of 14.

Dylan Nantais - Dylan’s drumming skills will rock your death, thrash, prog, and anything metal senses. This man has blown all expectations again and again, while still maintaining a perfect posture. Dylan likes to take you from poly rhythms to blast beats and back again with intricate cymbal work and double bass rhythms. Dylan began playing drums at the age of 12. Prior to Crone of War, Dylan also played in a couple of local Sudbury bands called Roshi and White Noiz.

From all of us here @ Crone Of War, we would like to thank you for supporting/joining/liking us and we wish you all a Metal Day!

Nancy Moggy
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Sudbury Metal Fest, Northern Ontario's premier extreme music festival returns for its seventh year supporting Canadian metal with 36 bands from across the country, along with showcasing international talent that includes Negura Bunget and Grimegod from Romania, plus Dyanfari from Iceland.

Crone of War performing live at The Asylum during Sudbury Metal Fest 8, on December 16th 2016. Filmed by Mat Pare

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