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Vancouver, British Columbia

Blessed are a new 4 piece, heavy post punk band that branches into territories including noise, psychedelics, and clean interweaving, intricate, guitar, reaching out from influences including Ought to Interpol to Can. Members have been involved for over a decade in the Vancouver music scene, anchored by You Say Party, Teen Daze, and Juno nominated metal act Ancients. Playing in bands that have toured Canada, The United States, and Europe, and supported Juno Award winning artists such as Said the Whale and Ken Mode. Drew Riekman and Reuben Houweling of Open Letters, GSTS!, and Oh No! Yoko have come together with Jake Holmes and Mitchell Trainor of Little Wild and Casino's to collaborate on a new project anticipating to surpass anything the four have done individually or together, both in depth of songwriting and strength of performance.

With the past year behind them, having completed three Western Canadian tours on the strength of a 7" single released by Kingfisher Bluez, and opening for critically acclaimed acts such as The Isotopes, The Courtney's, and Canadian darlings The Wet Secrets, the groups debut EP is set to take them across Canada and the United States in 2016 for a massive run of over 100 shows by years end. Supporting a debut EP that is full of sharp staccato, anxiety ridden guitar, ambient passages, and left field time signature shifts from breezy to overwhelmingly heavy and dissonant spanning the four tracks, recorded by Curtis Buckoll of Rain City Recorders (White Lung, Japandroids, Baptists). With obsessive attention to detail, sweat and palpitation inducing live performances, and four members driven to play anywhere and everywhere possible, the ambition to spread out to anyone who will have them has never been stronger, and is growing still.

"Blessed sound is weird, noisy, and harsh, drawing from surf rock and post punk in equal measure. It's if Radiohead decided to go back to playing guitar and singing actual words with a Siouxsie and the Banshee's twist."
- Vice's Noisey

"Post punk blown out to a prog rock scope. Each hard hitting, rhythmically heavy section is topped of by jagged guitar lines"
- Stereogum

" Trade in driving rhythm sections, busy guitar riffs and half-sung/half-spoken vocals. It's music that has as much in common with Fugazi as it does Joy Division."
- Exclaim!

BLESSED laying out some atmpshperic tones live in Sudbury, Ontario at The Asylum. Filmed by Mark Howitt on June 11th 2016

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