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Big Brother

Toronto, Ontario

Big Brother is an "Orwellian" Skacore band based out of Toronto. For those of you who are unaware the name of the band is a reference to a character in the book "1984" written by George Orwell. The band sound is a high energy mix of ska, punk and metal music that incorporates unusual scales and time signatures as well as ripping counter solos. The band formed in the wake of the breakup of Ghetto Blaster in April 2013. Big Brother originally featured Chris Spadafora of Crack Squad, Ian Wilkinson of Corporation and Michael Lada Brockhouse of Dysfunkt. Each of them were also former members of Ghetto Blaster. Big Brother's live performances have been known to occasionally feature guest appearances such as Jacob from Cerebral Scrub and Paco formerly of Panama Red (who would later join the band in May of 2014).

This newly formed trio bashed their way back onto the scene. They quickly releasing their first EP “Kids of the Sun” with The Ripcordz and Matadors on October 25th 2013. This EP was self-recorded by bass player Ian Wilkinson (who also recorded such acts as: Corporation, FPU, Frenemy, Ghetto Blaster to name a few) The EP was mixed and mastered by Justin Sinotte responsible for recording such acts as: B squad, Beyond Decay, Short lived 3rdRule, Ghetto Blaster and Les Skaples again to name a few) Furthermore, the artwork featured on that EP came from Kayle Kruger (Former member of Crotchmutt and Blurred Vision and current member of Caustic Lime and front lady of HEXE) Even though it was already late into the year when Big Brother was formed, they still filled the rest of the year with shows across southern Ontario w/ friends like Cerebral Scrub, The Filthy Radicals and The Nefidovs to name a few.

2014 was a real game changer for Big Brother. January marked the release of the second EP “Cast Overboard” which was quickly followed by a Valentines Day release of their debut full length “Ministry of Truth” in Montreal w/ TalkSick and NO. 150 Copies were printed (since sold out) and now for the first time Big Brother had a hard copy of their music for sale and a full merch line which included shirts, buttons and stickers. When May rolled around Big Brother was also invited to share the stage with bands such as Mother Fuckers, Dayglo Abortions, Morning Glory, Reagan Youth and more as well as playing “Vomit Fest 5” and the first ever “Le Skank The Pit Fest” in Montreal! It was a great summer for the band as well. Paco joined Big Brother on guitar and backing vocals and helped record “Core Principals” and the band took on a whole new fuller form with dueling guitar solos and bass solos. By the end of the summer the tracks that had been recorded became the first 7" vinyl that Big Brother would release with UK's “Positive Junk”! In the fall the band made preparations for the vinyl that would release the following year in May. Many more shows were played with such bands as the Ripcordz, Mad Murdocks, New Enemy, Boids and East End Radicals.Then the band hit a snag. Mike the original drummer decided he wanted to leave to try and pursue a career in Blacksmithing which would take him away from the band. But being the nicest guy in the world and not wanting to leave his band mates high and dry he stuck around until a replacement for his skills at the drums could be found as well as recording almost every track that had been unreleased to that point. On October 31st 2014 Mike played his last show with the band. It was a killer show at Duffy's Tavern and also a drunken mess as you could imagine. There remains absolutely no hard feelings between Mike and the band. November 2014 marked a new era in the band as Derek Kelly, (former drummer for Corporation, Blind Cats and The Rock Ons) stepped into the role of drummer and played his first show the night after Mike's last show. At that point the band was getting back into recording mode so they only played 2 more shows: one being the last ever “Rebel Spell” tour and then they "called it" until the next year. December 2nd was the release of "Corexit" which featured Positive Junk.

2015, though only half done so much had happened. After a rough start back into the band life and recording many tracks the band got back on gigging and finally received their 7". They did an informal release of “Core Principals” in Feb 21 at Duffy's w/ Gag Order, The Nasties and Filthy Slate. The year though slow at that point still produced a steady amount of gigs for the band as they played with such acts as the Filthy Radicals, Stigmachine, Kill Matilda, Orally Fixated, Vile Saints, Caustic Lime, Church Goer and Frenemy. May was an exceptionally good time for the band as they shared the stage with bands like Resignators, Ray Gun Cowboys, Survey Says, Lineout, Ruthless Ones, Small Town Get Up, Adam's Mind and Pouzza Fest 5!!! The summer was already starting to shape up with the release of the Big Brother online Bandcamp store as well as gigs like the “Windsor Ska Fest” and a tour to the East Coast of Canada with their pals Hot Dog Kids and Les Skalpes. The tour featured tour drummer Russell West. The tour ended on a crescendo as the band played "Fattal Fest" and were even featured in Noisey. Paco left the band shortly after the tour. The band now took on a shape, one similar to their beginnings. In the later portion of the year the band continued to play shows with acts like K-Man & The 45s. All the while continuing to put the finishing touches on "Ministry Of Plenty".
2016 is here and the band has already come flying out of the gates as they went right into the studio at CIUT to record a session for Equalizing X Distort (89.5 FM). The band already has 3 gigs lined up for January and ambitious plans for the new year.

Right now you can check out Big Brother's music on-line for FREE. The band has always maintained that their prime objective is for their music to be heard and in that regard feel free to bootleg their material and pass it around, even host it on your own website. For those of you who would like to directly support the band you can do so by purchasing their vinyl or t-shirts on-line or at live gigs. Book them now for your show.

Remember ... "They’re Always Watching".
-Big Brother

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