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Artificial Dissemination

Hamilton, Ontario

Artificial Dissemination (A.D.) is a 2-piece drum (Jamie Problem) and guitar (Shawna Heist) punk-garage explosion from Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Their stripped down sound ranges from old school hardcore punk to garage, with surf influences and lots of screaming vocal energy. Artificial Dissemination is from way out there but the music is here.

Artificial Dissemination is an audio, visual and print form of expression that exposes and opposes the dissemination of false information which keeps us ignorant and living in fear of each other. We become obsessed and preoccupied with our differences instead of celebrating what we have in common.

It's about the glare of the TV cameras, computer screens, consumerism and the entertainment industry that distracts us while the lab coats poison our bodies with pharmaceuticals and the multinationals play god with a genetically altered food supply and the power brokers poison our minds with garbage and misinformation.

But most of all it's about the music and it's ability to expose this corruption, express the anger we feel and give us the power to do something about it!


“This rudimentary guitar & drum duo from Canada belts out simple rhythms and straight ahead garage band (in the '77 sense) punk tunes."
(K. Sanderson, Maximum Rock and Roll magazine, November 2014 issue)

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