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All The Wasted Years

Timmins, Ontario

All The Wasted Years (ATWY) was formed in 2010 by four founding members; Darcy Larouche, Nathan Radey, Kyle Pichette and Mat Vallee. The bands sound is fuelled by the incredible lyrics of front-man Nathan Radey. In ATWY’s first summer they were able to put together enough songs to open for a Local Punk band Laforge at l’Armise. Through that summer the band started recording with help from front-man of Laforge, Corey McGee. Unfortunately due to two members returning to Ottawa for school the band was placed on the back-burner.


The band continued to practice off and on with the four founding members without much luck from 2011 onwards.

In 2014, two of the founding members, Nathan and Darcy, decided to revive ATWY with a new drummer Stephane Gaudet. Steph is fitting in perfectly with the band. After only a few months the band stumbled upon a new bass player at a small show that has joined up with ATWY.

As of 2015 the four members are: Nathan Radey (Guitar/Vocals), Darcy Larouche (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Forin (Bass/Vocals), Stephane Gaudet(Drums).

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Punk band All The Wasted Years performing live at The Asylum on June 11th 2016. Filmed by Mark Howitt

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